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Beverage machinery sterilization equipment

by:Xinmao     2020-12-22
Beverage machinery including sterilization equipment, filling equipment, etc. Among them, the sterilization equipment ( Semi-automatic pasteurization machine, high pressure sterilization pot) Plays an important role in beverage production: 1. Semi-automatic pasteurization machine equipment body adopts high quality stainless steel. 5 - sterilization equipment sterilization time 40 minutes is adjustable; Sterilization temperature 50 & ndash; 99 c is adjustable and the automatic temperature control device. Sterilization tank with heat preservation facilities and is equipped with temperature compensation device, effectively guarantee the water temperature in the cabinet of balance, ensure the sterilization effect. Milk pasteurization machine price is made of high quality stainless steel processing and manufacturing, can put in milk sterilization tank water temperature control to 65 & deg; ~ 90度; Between, can have antiseptic effect, and can guarantee the protein and other nutritional ingredients is beyond the scope of a larger temperature difference fluctuation and change, keep the hypostasis of milk, flavor, color, etc. , to reach for food do not add any preservatives, is advantageous to the consumer health. Sour milk pasteurization machine using high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, the sterilization temperature, the speed can be set according to the technical requirement. Bactericidal effect is good, little noise, speed adjustable durable, safe and reliable, and can automatically control temperature, easy maintenance, etc. 2. High temperature high pressure sterilization pot sterilization pot is mainly used in food sterilization, used to heat seal in the container of food. To seal the container domestic commercial sterilization of aseptic food, you can use a variety of different sterilization pot system. Sterilization pot system has some of the same features: system is pressurized, transfer temperature compared with boiling water. The system USES a medium ( Known as the heating medium or medium sterilization) As an instrument of transfer heat to the product. Used for the pot of medium including pure steam, hot water, The container completely submerged in water, water spray, or water spray) And steam/air mixture. Some systems use the overpressure in the process of sterilization and cooling, to maintain the integrity of the container and balance offset the pressure of the tank. It is necessary, because some packaging container for internal pressure endurance is limited. Some examples of overvoltage sterilization containers with heat sealing or double metal joint can of the semi-rigid plastic containers, soft bag bag bag, metal plate, cardboard containers and glass jar. The term & other; Overpressure & throughout; Refers to the applied to sterilization pot, more than in a given temperature circumstances by heating medium pressure. Steam sterilization pot, at 250 ℉ pressure is about 15 psig ( Pounds per square inch) , any more than the 15 psig on sterilization pot pressure are called overvoltage. Provide overvoltage, such as 25 35 psig sterilization system can be operated at higher temperatures. Sterilization equipment ( Semi-automatic pasteurization machine, high pressure sterilization pot) As part of the beverage machinery, directly affect the quality of beverage products, so want to buy high quality sterilization equipment.
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