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Beverage machinery series use ultraviolet germicidal lamp should pay attention to what matters

by:Xinmao     2020-12-16
One, pay attention to the instrument has strong power to the bacteria, the protection of the ultraviolet ray also has certain harm to human body, the most vulnerable parts of the body is the eye of the cornea, so at any time, not with the eyes look light up the lamp, in order to avoid injury, one thousand must see, the application of common glass ( Wear glasses) Or transparent plastic film, as a protective mask. Do not wrong with quartz glass, because the common glass almost entirely to ultraviolet ray can't through. Once injured, don't panic, facial burns, exfoliation after a few days, don't. Injury will be red, watery eyes, stabbing pain, about three or four days to recover. However, a hurt, still suggest immediate treatment. 2, beverage machinery of ultraviolet germicidal lamp lamp irradiating intensity should be paid attention to the recession of 1, each has its specific uv to kill microorganisms, dose of death standard, and K ( The sterilization dose) =我( Light intensity) X T ( Irradiation time) From the formula, the high strength and low strength of short time effect is the same for long, so the tubes after recession ( After long time) Sterilization time should be extended, to ensure the quality of disinfection. 2, ultraviolet penetration is not high as imagined, any piece of paper, plastic, such as ordinary glass will greatly reduce the radiation intensity, so the casing tubes and glass should be kept clean, Often use 75% alcohol to wipe, if the water hardness ( Calcium or magnesium) Material, iron and manganese, the quartz tube needs regular cleaning. Quartz tube cleaning on special plastic gloves should be worn after the quartz tube carefully into the reactor, install the sealing ring to check without slack phenomenon, plugged in, make sure the detect lights glowing stable) , if you use the water quality is cloudy, turbidity & ge; 5 degrees should add processed methods, such as flocculation, sedimentation, filtration to remove all kinds of impurities in water, or sterilization effect will be discounted. 3, select material tube and casing should be chosen to natural crystal as the raw material of quartz glass, although the price several times more expensive than ordinary high borax glass, but its ultraviolet penetration rate is more than 80% less than 50% and high borax glass so not consider equipment service life, should choose quartz glass tube, casing for the material.
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