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Beverage machinery realization method of the aseptic conditions

by:Xinmao     2021-05-12
Beverage machinery and equipment within a sterile environment of building and maintaining, in sterile water bottles, aseptic filling and capping material device, according to the requirements of the different area cleanliness, set different positive pressure air, the air pressure is greater than the cleanliness requirements of high cleanliness requirements area of low area, make possible air pollution will not enter the high cleanliness requirements of sterile space. Packing materials of aseptic processing. Currently used for aseptic filling bottle sterilization methods include: spray, spray and perfusion method. Because it is difficult for domestic manufacturer will bottle initial dye bacterium to a lower degree of control indicators, so choose sterilization reliability high perfusion method for sterilization processing inside the bottle, the bottle outside to rinse sterilization spray method, and sufficient leeway on hold time sterilization, to ensure that meet the requirements of commercial sterilization. The lid of the currently used for aseptic filling sterilization methods are: spray, spray and ultraviolet ZhaoSheFa. Choose sterilization high reliability of disinfectant spray method for the lid for sterilization processing, also sufficient leeway on sterilization holding time. Material and material channel of aseptic processing. Filling materials adopt automatic instantaneous ultra high temperature sterilization ( UHT) Sterilization equipment, the method can effective sterilization of material, after a long time and can reduce the material is heated, lead to changes in product flavor, is the most common effect of the best materials sterilization method, the effect of sterilization can ensure that meet the requirements of commercial asepsis.
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