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Beverage machinery production pure water reverse osmosis facilities is the key to what?

by:Xinmao     2021-05-18
Drink mechanical reverse osmosis facilities in the production of pure water key has two: one is a selective membrane, called a semipermeable membrane, the second is a certain pressure. In simple terms, on the reverse osmosis membrane has many holes, these holes the size and the size of water molecules, due to bacteria, viruses, most of the organic pollutants and hydrated ion is much bigger than the water molecules, so can't through the reverse osmosis membrane and reverse osmosis membrane separation of water. Many impurities in the water, the soluble salts are the most difficult to remove. As a result, often based on the discretion to determine the reverse osmosis desalination rate of water purification effect, the discretion of the reverse osmosis desalination rate mainly depends on the selectivity of reverse osmosis membrane.
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