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Beverage machinery of the sterilization process

by:Xinmao     2021-05-12
Beverage machinery beverage machine adopts man-machine interface touch screen control, PLC computer program control and inverter control, advanced technology, high temperature materials alarm, automatic stop at low temperature and reflux, automatic control system for cover, no bottle no stamp, lack of bottle waiting, filling temperature since the association test, lack of cover stop function. Filling production line of three sterilization process is: 1, the material temperature to 85 - 95 ℃, filling, filling to complete under the condition of high temperature, and make the material has a certain amount of time under a state of high temperature and can ensure the sterilization effect. 2, the use of filling keypad for sterilization bottle caps. Instantaneous, after 3, tea juice prepared by high temperature sterilization with sterilizer. Beverage machinery as the main equipment of beverage production, its key components PLL affects the efficiency of beverage production process. The advancement of high rhythm life beverage industry obtained the swift and violent development, juice drinks, carbonated drinks, containing milk beverage, bottled water, tea drinks, such as enrich the varieties, product constantly demand made the demand for equipment production is also growing. Has reasonable structure, advanced technology, easy in operation, widely used, etc, is the ideal production line for middle and small drink factory.
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