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Beverage machinery matters that should pay attention to in the process of running

by:Xinmao     2020-12-26
Beverage machinery matters that should pay attention to in the process of the operation: 1. Beverage machinery in operation process should pay attention to hear whether there is abnormal sound equipment, if there is a need to overhaul, find out the reason and clear fault. 2. Standing on the equipment are strictly prohibited beverage equipment run time. 3. Check the uv lamp cover disinfection open, cover storehouse of cover whether ozone, cover disinfection normal pure water pump for water supply. 4. If filling valve is leaking, there are two possibilities: one is the filling valve is opened is not reset, 2 it is filling valve sealing ring is not sealed, it can be tear down inspection, replace the ring. 5. If there is a high cover and slanting cover, has the following several ways: one is with the lid and the bottle has a problem, it is possible that one of them has a problem. 2 it is to spin LIDS torque is not enough, if you can spin it with the hand, then find out the screw LIDS to increase torque until they meet the requirements. Three is on the bottle has a problem, mainly in the excess of the star wheel, could protect the bottle dislodged and loose, it must be reset. 6. If washing bottle clip off bottle, has the following situation: one is the air duct bottle bottle has a problem. 2 it is washing bottle clamp spring has lost its elasticity, or bottle clamp block have loose or frayed already can't clip bottle, its replacement. 7. If the torque of screw LIDS tune has not, to change the magnet, and check the inside of the spring, if the tension is not enough to change. Another screw LIDS gland back after checking must be removed. Replacement parts. 8. If the guy is always at the small star wheel cover slot plug cover, must adjust the position of the star wheel until smooth. If the export of machine card cover, check whether the exit of the component card cover, blowing the cover of the air pressure is too large, then adjust their position or pressure. 9. Dial machine if the cover is not smooth, can be big or small dial cover plate spring pressure, also want to check with excessive contact is normal.
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