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Beverage machinery market in the new window: tea drink driving the development of hot filling PET bottle

by:Xinmao     2021-05-12
Beverage machinery market in the new window: tea drink driving the development of hot filling PET bottles, PET bottles in China only 10 years of time, PET bottles and hot filling in China's history is shorter, just 4 years or so, but the development momentum of the more than most other packaging container, the momentum of rapid mainly thanks to the rapid development of tea beverages. As is known to all, tea drink, fruit juice beverages is hot spot in the development of beverage, in our country, tea beverage production has exceeded 1. 5 million tons in 2000, most of which container are choose PET hot filling bottles, and proportion has a rising trend. According to introduction, PET hot filling bottle production principle is: PET bottles ( Generally adopt injection into bottle preform) → After heating bottle preform was longitudinal tensile & rarr; Transverse tensile & rarr; ; Bottle blowing molding. This finally forming adopts mechanical cold finalize the design in the process of production, so the general once temperature of PET in PET bottles in the use of glass transition temperature ( 78℃) , its molecular chain can relax, bottle have severe contraction phenomenon, therefore this bottle filling is only suitable for cold drinks. Hot filling bottles in the process of stretching to finalize the design process, always at a higher temperature ( About 140 ℃) , PET molecular chain in flabby condition by high temperature to finalize the design, the final bottles produced lots of neat, dense crystallization, crystallinity of up to 30% ~ 45%, and make the bottle had a higher heat resistance, and become the hot filling bottles with practical significance. A blow. The bottles from the bottle preform to the molding process, only on a blow molding technology, the way of mould heating to 100 ~ 180 ℃. When the bottle preform is stretching and blowing to the shape of the bottle mold, crystallization heat setting process will last for a few seconds to more than 10 seconds, the characteristics of this way is: the equipment is simple, the cost is low, and change the spare parts, it can produce regular PET bottles; Cover an area of an area small; Because the bottle will be directly heated in the mould, so the heat energy consumption is small. The disadvantage is that heat treatment temperature was lower than those of secondary blow way, lower crystallization degree, also is a bit poor heat resistance, heat resistance temperature is 85 ℃ ~ 90 ℃; The bottle must be approved by heating and cooling program, such as increased production cycle time. A way of the current domestic production equipment mainly and west was France and Italy west of the company's equipment. Second way. Second blow way is to blow the bottle preform to the larger volume ( About twice the bottle capacity) , and then heated to 200 ℃, then let it narrowed, once again blowing into the bottle shape, the characteristics of the second blast is: advantage is due to the heat treatment temperature is higher, the rate of crystallization increased accordingly, heat resistant up to 90 ℃ ~ 95 ℃; Because of the heat treatment process can be independently, and thus can achieve higher production efficiency. Defect is large and complicated machine, the price is higher; Covers an area of a larger; Energy consumption is higher. At present domestic main secondary blowing equipment provided by the Japanese, ASB machinery co. , LTD.
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