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Beverage machinery manufacturing individuation development

by:Xinmao     2020-12-31
Beverage machinery industry development direction, will try to meet different kinds and different levels of diversified market demand, to provide customers with can improve taste, rich connotation of technology and equipment, is the goal of today's beverage machinery industry enterprise. Intensify technology updates, make our products more advanced, more practical, more conform to the hygienic requirements and environmental requirements. PET bottle filling production line, for example, will develop the existing low temperature to room temperature filling, can greatly save energy. In terms of filling equipment, the technical features of the current domestic beverage production line for low temperature filling, filling temperature 0 ℃ ~ 4 ℃, sugar water to 1:3 ~ 1:6, CO2 gas multiples of up to more than four times. Its advantage is CO2 gas ratio accurately, drinks the temperature is low, particularly for subsequent filling process. But in recent years abroad have been introduced at room temperature filling production line, filling temperature 15 ℃, other parameters and low temperature filling parameters are the same. Room temperature filling of mixing machine especially filling machine is put forward higher requirements. Filling process is best can realize fast and slow filling, room temperature filling biggest advantage is energy-saving. For mixing machine, it will need 25 ℃ water cooling to 0 ℃ or so, for the temperature bottle machine without heating drinks from around 8 ℃ to 40 ℃, and its energy-saving effect is very significant. Packaging diversification. In the process of wine drinks products such as packaging, diversification of commodity packaging is the market economy development request. So the diversification of commodity packaging is the development of beverage machinery products. At the same time should be according to the sustainable development strategy, fully embodies the green packaging solution. Such as the diversification of production of finished product packaging labeling machine, diversification of product packaging machine, production for the user to choose plastic boxes, cartons, heat shrinkable film, etc. Various kinds of packing equipment. Wide application of robotics, mechatronics technology, intelligent computer control technology. In the developed world, these is already very mature technology, they can make the traditional mechanical equipment become simple and reliable. In the process of wine drinks products such as packaging, a variety of packaging is the development of the market economy demand for commodities. In the process of realizing the function of the complex packing, leave the electromechanical integration, its manufacturing and control it is almost impossible. Specifically is to be launched on the packaging material & ndash; — — Devanning, destacking machine and discharging machine, the finished product line & ndash; — — Packing ( Carton and plastic box) Machine and palletizing machine, diversification of product packaging labeling machine, packaging materials and finished products, online detection and control of automatic inspection and condition parameters display and control, diversification of product packaging, conveyor system, automatic control and monitoring management, saccharification and fermentation of automatic control system using advanced technology, popularization and application of CAD Computer aided design) 凸轮( Computer aided manufacturing) , FMS flexible manufacturing system, computer MIS system under the management of warehouse and logistics system, based on the information integration of marketing service system, on the premise of energy saving and environmental protection research and development of new packaging materials, automatic production line monitoring, management and advanced technology such as fault diagnosis system, raise the beverage machinery manufacturing industry of our country to a higher level.
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