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Beverage machinery maintenance

by:Xinmao     2020-12-15
Drink machinery for a long time trial, according to the normal use and use, how to correct the repair and maintenance, and beverage machinery is commonly used in the process of production of packaging machinery, and the price is high, if the regular failure will bring business to produce loss, make the beverage machinery maintenance is particularly important. Some bad packaging need to drink in the absolute vacuum packing machines, otherwise it will cause measurement of product. Season when beverage machinery maintenance is very important, if preservation method will not result in the machine can't continue to use, will produce very big effect to the production. In beverage machinery just buy the machines should be checked, especially in the period, the machine is easy to tighten, lubrication defect, it is necessary to timely inspection and maintenance. Method/procedure beverage machinery parts fastening; The size of the adjust size packaging machine; Part convergence in the lubrication on a regular basis. In this season, the company should be to thoroughly clean the machine, and save the absolute sealing equipment, but also make the machine in dry environment, to ensure that the beverage machinery liquid such as corrosion will not occur. Before operating drink machines, please be sure to read the instructions carefully. Familiar with adjustment and method of use. Please be sure to follow the instructions. According to the beverage machinery, vacuum pump should be regular maintenance and gas ( Keep the oil level) 。 It is forbidden to reverse pump, in order to avoid wrong operation and pump reversal. Regularly check the heat sealing frame seal cloth ( PTFE) If there is a foreign body, whether level off, to ensure the sealing strength. Always check whether the machine grounding is good contact, to ensure the safe use of electricity. Drink mechanical failure, turn the power off in time, if necessary, after the emergency stop button, lift the lid, then close voltage, check the reason, troubleshooting.
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