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Beverage machinery maintenance and maintenance

by:Xinmao     2020-12-17
The trial duration of beverage machinery and equipment, depending on use and after use at ordinary times, how to maintenance and maintenance, the correct and beverage machinery is commonly used in the process of production of packaging machinery, and the price is high, if often fail will losses to enterprises, so drink daily mechanical maintenance is particularly important. Some damageable packaging need beverage machinery under the environment of an absolute vacuum packaging, or damage to products beyond measure. Change garments according to the hole of the beverage machinery maintenance is very important, if kept right cause machine can't continue to use, will greatly affect the enterprise production. In beverage machinery just buy back to the inspection of the machine, especially in the period when the machine is easy to slip in fastening, lubrication, so to check the maintenance in a timely manner. Drink mechanical fastening parts; The size of the adjusted according to the size of the packaging machine; At parts connecting lubrication on a regular basis. Importantly, when change garments according to the enterprise to a thorough cleaning on the machine, and the preservation of the supporting facilities to absolute seal, also make the whole machine is in dry environment, to ensure beverage machinery are not liquid corrosion. Beverage machinery must read the instruction before operation, familiar with adjustment and method of use, must be in accordance with the instructions. According to the provisions of the beverage machinery specifications of vacuum pump maintenance regularly, refueling, Keep the oil level) And strict attention to are not allowed to reverse, lest cause wrong operation of pump and pump reversal, oil spray pump in the vacuum system. Frequently check the hot-pressing sealing linoleum ( Ptfe) The presence of foreign bodies, whether level off, to ensure the sealing strength. Regularly check the machine grounding contact is good, safe electricity. Found drinks mechanical failure, should turn off the power supply in time, when necessary, to meet urgent stop button, after being deflated lift machine cover, then switch off the voltage, check the reason, troubleshooting.
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