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Beverage machinery industry professional and technical standardization in the field of technology is what?

by:Xinmao     2020-12-15
The national wine beverage machinery standardization center of China light industry federation, standard council and standardization center are responsible for China, beverage machinery industry standardization technology in the field of professional and technical work, make this professional standardization of planning, new standard, stable cross organization this major national standards, industry standards, the revision and review work, at the same time to undertake the relevant enterprise standardization technology under centralized services including enterprise standard system, changes to the service,. Since China's entry into the WTO, beverage machinery manufacturing enterprises should further understand and familiar with relevant international standards and advanced foreign standards, systematically studies the southeast Asia, South America, Middle East, Africa and other places of the corresponding standards and technical regulations, understand the foreign market access conditions and procedures, effectively promote the products enter the international market. At the same time, in carrying out the general principle of the WTO under the premise of the principle of non-discrimination and transparency, attaches great importance to the technical standards and the WTO TBT agreement identified in the relevant technical standard principle role in the international competition, the use of limited intervention principle in the TBT agreement and preferential policies in developing countries, as technical means of building and maintaining the market economy, for exploring to establish a wine beverage machinery industry technical barriers, pilot study. For now, the cla and standardization center to manage the national standard has a barrel, the industry standard glass bottle filling production line and other 35 items. In order to adapt to the need of market development in China after wto accession, in 2009. Time to read about the hot filling beverage production line, drink hot filling screw cap machine, PET bottle filling production line and the measuring cup type quantitative filling machine, such as the new industry standard, the revised 'inside' and so on seven industry standard, the new system, the revised standard will cover the domestic wine beverage machinery latest product of the latest technology, and in the process of establishing the standard as much reference to the international standards and advanced foreign standards, improve the level of the internationalization of product standards, especially committed to improve product technology using international standard level, promoting products enter the international market of Chinese beverage machinery manufacturing. At present, companies are increasingly realize product standards for the urgency and importance of entering the international market, China beverage machinery standardization committee-nanyang and standardization center should assist enterprises to strengthen the standardization of the enterprise, to solve the problem of enterprise standardization work; Close to the market, the rapid reflect market demand, speeds up the standard system, the speed of the revision; Further close to the enterprise, give play to the role of enterprise standardization work in the main body; To discuss with the enterprise product standards of our country after wto accession direction, to adapt to the development of the market.
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