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Beverage machinery industry influential enterprise inventory, choose this several must see beverage equipment

by:Xinmao     2020-12-14
Drink is one of the most common food, the market share to be reckoned with. Drink machines as an integral part of the beverage industry, sustained growth in the market, the demand is particularly prominent. In recent years, the national advocacy & other; Spirit & throughout; To push China by & other; Manufacturer & throughout; To & other; Manufacturing power & throughout; , there is no lack of among them excellent beverage machinery enterprise icing on the cake. According to China's food machinery plant network observation, the current domestic beverage machinery, filling machinery, liquid beverage packaging machinery, packaging machinery companies are relying on its advantages gradually won the domestic and foreign markets. Through Tech - long Packaging Machinery Co. , Ltd. ( Hereinafter referred to as: tech-long) Why we love it: tech-long cross-border integration to develop domestic and international market as the first listed company in beverage packaging machinery, has been a leader role in the industry. In 2016, tech-long activity in terms of cross-border integration. Tech-long bullish on the future development of the whole mobile to move 2. 5 billion yuan cross-border acquisition of a naked city. In addition, with the 2016 formally entering industrial explosive production automation field, for the guangdong some civil enterprise manufacturing industrial explosive automatic packing belt passed acceptance testing, labeling and loading system, and have won high appreciation among our customers. Shanghai Precise Packaging Co. , Ltd. ( Hereinafter referred to as: PuLiSheng) Why we love it: intensify research and rich product line PuLiSheng and beverage machinery industry one of the few listed companies in China, focus on dairy products, beverage processing and packaging equipment research and development to create more than ten years. Over the years, PuLiSheng conscientiously be blessed. Still stay in 2016, PuLiSheng, intensify research and development, rich beverage product line. Bottle blowing technology company build in 2016, PuLiSheng investment bottle blowing + filling equipment supporting the supply ability, to provide the bottle blowing machine, filling machine form a complete set of sales, enhance the overall strength and market competitive advantage. The investment cooperation agreement signed in the same year, PuLiSheng, offered 7 million yuan to set up Shanghai's DE industrial intelligent equipment co. , LTD. , mainly engaged in automatic packaging production line, automation equipment, industrial robot, intelligent storage, logistics automation in areas such as research and development production and sales. In addition, PuLiSheng also participate in the bidding of suzhou black cattle food, to expect to enter the food industry downstream, the dynamic also deserves attention. Jiangsu Newamstar Packaging Machinery Co. , Ltd. ( New mihoshi) hereinafter referred to as: Why we love it: list of listed enterprises to develop further in 2016 for the new mihoshi is significant. This year, the new mihoshi listed on the gem, to add a beverage filling machinery field. For decades new mihoshi will mainly focus on energy drinks, wine, cooking oil, and other areas of the liquid packaging machinery, successively developed China's first PET bottle triad bottled water production line, the first PET bottle aseptic cold filling production line, more than 30 products, such as leading industry. New mihoshi of momentum, the latest 2016 years ago in the third quarter, according to preliminary results, 1-2016 Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in September 38 million yuan to 39. 5 million yuan, rose 0. 50% to 4. 47%. Guangdong light industry machinery factory co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as: wide ErQing) Why we love it: established beverage machinery enterprise products by domestic and foreign enterprises must widely ErQing as established beverage machinery enterprise was founded in 1975, have many honors in the industry, or the torch plan key high-tech enterprises in national science and technology commission. In 2016, wide ErQing yanjing hengyang 600 cans per minute pure cans filling line final acceptance, exported to South Korea east beer co. , LTD. , gwangju winery sterilizer passed by acceptance of the project smoothly. That same year, wide ErQing also earned & other; Throughout guangdong province May Day labor diploma &; , become the chaoyang district 2016 won the title of the unit, it is the wide ErQing the affirmation of the work. Through the inventory, we see not hard, excellent enterprise there are many similarities. Focus on product research and development, actively expand the market, these are the enterprise the important factors for the development of strong, constantly.
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