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Beverage machinery - In the form of automatic container bottle washing machine

by:Xinmao     2021-01-09
According to the degree of mechanization beverage machinery can be divided into manual type, half mechanization beverage machinery and automation bottle washer beverage machinery. Manual and half mechanization is an older bottle washing machine, general mentioned three methods of washing bottle is used, but is a stand-alone operation, and simple structure, small production capacity. Such as immersion is mainly a dip tank, manual operation in and out of the bottle. The simplest bottle brush machine with - Electric motor to drive one or two ( Symmetry) Brush rotation, hand out of the water tank will bottle &, inserted into the rotation of the j, scrubbing the inside of the bottle. Brush the empty bottle with pressure water rinse again, bottle down drain well. Hand washing bottle brush dip tank and bottle unit can be combined. Automatic bottle washer form is more, its basic characteristic is done in a machine in the foregoing three methods of washing bottle, a, two, or three, until completely wash the bottle. Automatic bottle washing machine according to the flow in the machine and in and out of the way, can be divided into single and double side. Single-ended type is in the same side in and out of the bottle inside, also known as the return type, the form compact space, no idle motion of the conveyor belt in the machine, the heat energy utilization rate is high, only needs one operator, but easy to wash the bottle again pollution. Double side type in and out of the bottle on both ends of bottle washing machine, also called straight through, return an empty schedule, space utilization as single-ended type, but health has good reliability. Automatic bottle washing machine according to the way of washing bottle into soaking scrub type, water jet, jet. Soaking scrub type is to put the bottle after soaking, brush with rotary bottle brush net. Generally have internal and external washing in scrub and only wash washing water jet with cut out two kinds, this way of no oil bottle cleaning effect is good, to have the bottle of oil is not suitable for. Water jet is a few hot water or alkali soaking groove continuous soaking and spraying, or interval of soaking and jet cleaning. This form of maintenance easy, widely applied at present. Jet no dip tank, only jet cleaning, simple and low cost, but the pump is more, the high cost of power, and generally used for deformation and different specifications variety of bottles. Suitable for low and medium power machinery.
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