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by:Xinmao     2020-12-27
Beverage machinery focus on developing trend in the future, A) Beer, beverage cans complete sets of equipment, key development is suitable for the annual output of 100000 tons of large beer and beverage cans complete sets of equipment, including packing, unloading boxes, sterilization, labeling, in situ cleaning, etc. ( 2) Composite cans, special-shaped cans can equipment: development and spray cans and other series can complete sets of equipment and the corresponding cans production line. Mercury-free welding and special environmental protection packing machinery, development of small wrapping paper bag production equipment, with paper base material for container packaging equipment, so as to adapt to the requirements of environmental protection. ( 3) Air, ventilation packaging equipment: development is suitable for the larger bag capacity continuous or semi-continuous vacuum packaging equipment, the development can be required for gas filling in proportion high-speed air bag packaging equipment. ( 4) Quantity type filling equipment: developing various forms of weighing filling equipment, strive to improve the speed and accuracy as well as the stability and reliability, and form a complete set of automatic packing equipment. ( 5) Strapping packaging equipment: the key to develop various forms of strapping machines, promote fruit and vegetable, daily provisions, the improvement of industrial materials packaging automation level. Focus on development of desktop and large plastic strapping equipment, small tape strapping equipment and banding steel such as heavy strapping machine automatically and continuously. ( 6) Corrugated board production equipment: a breadth of development for more than 2 meters of the complete sets of equipment. Expand the depth and breadth of the application of computer technology, in MLJ emphasis on complete sets of equipment, improve the reliability. ( 7) Aseptic packaging equipment: to shorten the gap with the international advanced level, increase speed and perfect performance. Development of big bag of aseptic packaging equipment and cup type sterile packaging equipment, developed a liquid aseptic packaging equipment, aseptic packaging machine products series. ( Eight) Wrapping package equipment: in addition to plastic film wrapping package equipment, development of origami wrapping package equipment. Vigorously develop and wrapping package equipment form a complete set of all kinds of auxiliary devices, to expand the function of host application. ( 9) Bag forming, filling, sealing equipment, the use of advanced technology, the development of series products and supporting device, improve the running speed, flexibility, compatibility and reliability problems. At the same time, the development can be applied to single membrane and composite membrane and packing machine.
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