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Beverage machinery fault solution

by:Xinmao     2020-12-23
Beverage machinery in the market development is more and more quickly, are increasingly used by various industries, and create a good living condition for us. Filling equipment is important, the use of both the enterprise and the consumer is indispensable, but once the failure will cause a certain loss for enterprises and consumers, and even disastrous, so enterprise in choosing a beverage machinery to common sense and simple solution to a certain extent, reduce the damage to a minimum. Beverage machinery fault occurs mainly in the following, here small make up will also be for you to present the fault reasons and corresponding solution, hope to be able to help your understanding. 1, beverage machine doesn't work? Reason: 1, 2, check the power cord, check the fuse ( Solution for burn out replacement) 3, sundry plug line ( Removing debris) 4, pump movement ( Contact the manufacturer) 2, mechanical equipment can't stop working? Reason: 1, setting error ( Throughout the &; Pump time & throughout; Check Settings) 2, countless display ( Contact the manufacturer) 3, when the pump tube have bubbles? Reason: 1, the joint of leak ( Check the joint) 2, raw material ( Supplementary material) 4, when stop discharging pipe has continuous bubbles causes: 1, the check valve has a sundry ( Unpick and wash check valve) 5, pump head drip reason: 1, the pump head is not vertical ( The pump head mounted vertically) 2, the proportion of liquid is too small ( Replace the small pump head) 3, in and out of the tube material with improper (first Choose a suitable hose)
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