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Beverage machinery fault solution

by:Xinmao     2020-12-23
Beverage machinery development is more and more quickly in the market, and gradually applied in various industries, and create a good living condition for us. Filling equipment is important, the use of both the enterprise and the consumer are indispensable, but once the failure will cause a certain loss for enterprises and consumers, and even disastrous, so enterprise in choosing a beverage machinery to common sense and simple solution to a certain extent, reduce the damage to a minimum. The main performance of the beverage machinery malfunction and solution are as follows: a, beverage machine doesn't work? Reason: 1, 2, check the power cord, check the fuse ( Solution for burn out replacement) 3, sundry plug line ( Removing debris) 4, pump movement ( Contact the manufacturer) Second, mechanical equipment unable to stop working? Reason: 1, setting error ( Throughout the &; Pump time & throughout; Check Settings) 2, countless display ( Contact the manufacturer) Three, pump tube have bubble? Reason: 1, the joint of leak ( Check the joint) 2, raw material ( Supplementary material) Four, when stop discharging pipe has continuous bubbles causes: 1, the check valve has a sundry ( Unpick and wash check valve) Five, the pump head drip reason: 1, the pump head is not vertical ( The pump head mounted vertically) 2, the proportion of liquid is too small ( Replace the small pump head) 3, in and out of the tube material with improper (first Choose a suitable hose)
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