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Beverage machinery enterprise basically is the introduction of equipment - in all the world Company news - Filling machine, beverage machinery and equipment, beverage production line,

by:Xinmao     2021-01-02
At present, in our drinking water, carbonated drinks, tea drinks before processing equipment of domestic products can basically meet the need, medium and low speed unscramble bottle, packing equipment also has a matching products to choose from, in terms of hot filling machine, the factory can solve equipment in hot filling environment control, such as sealing process requirement. In respect of PET bottles, metal cans and cartons, packaging production line of beverage machinery enterprise basically is the introduction of equipment. Bottled water is currently accounts for China's beverage market share is bigger, bottled water packaging and carbonated beverage packaging PET bottle, demand is relatively low, domestic equipment has the very big development space. Due to the bottled water in PET bottles of lower profits, bottle manufacturing equipment is given priority to with high speed line at present. Therefore, in the bottled water and carbonated drinks will also have strong competitiveness in the market.
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