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Beverage machinery dynamic growing state

by:Xinmao     2020-12-31
Black sesame paste qiu dong season folk traditional healthy food, can nourish the body, the calories. In the food industry, black sesame paste when southern black sesame group of leading enterprises. For nearly 30 years of sesame paste, however, the company can no longer be satisfied with this small circle, and selection in plants drink this highly competitive market. Black sesame seed in the face of the media, said in an interview, because black sesame paste how no matter what you do, even if all occupy the market share, the category is still a very small, there is no way to support the long-term growth of listed companies performance requirements. “ Previously, we are in a small river, is now into the sea. In the next five years, 10 years, the drinks will be our focus, do this field, form the core competitiveness, no investment 2 billion yuan to 3 billion yuan, 3 ~ 5 years. It is important to stay. ” The determination of the visible, black sesame seed industry. It is reported, the southern black sesame paste was born in 1988, the paste class market share of more than 60%. Southern black sesame paste group in the first half of 2015 operating income is 2015 yuan, including paste class sales revenue is 3. 5. 8 billion yuan, the profit margins of 42. 69%, the company net profit of 4025. 530000 yuan, increased 23. 81%. Vegetable protein drinks & other; Blue ocean & throughout; Is not in fact, black sesame seed, like vegetable protein beverage industry is not only a black sesame. Since this year, two carbonated beverage giant Coca-Cola, pepsi-cola in the layout, released before the plan, in April this year to $400 million acquisition of xiamen king of coarse grains, which launched in August, the first time in the Chinese market milk & other; Quaker oats milk beverage high in fiber. At the same time, the field of plant protein and cultivate a batch of domestic beverage brands. But the personage inside course of study analysis, the vegetable protein beverage have entered the mature period, at this stage intervention may be a little late. Vegetable protein beverage market in the past five years has been a long time, category, more mature stage. In 2012 and 2012, more than 20% growth, but can also be seen from the yinlu slide from growth to maturity stage can enter next year's brand. Intervention may be a little late, even if done well, the cost will be high. Beverage industry competitive beverage machinery betrayal of beverage industry is not only the vegetable protein beverage market is saturated & throughout; “ Personnel, the competition is fierce. Once popular tea drinks are on the decline. In addition to the tea drinks, carbonated drinks are obvious to all. Beverage industry innovation is in full swing, the big beneficiaries, upstream of the beverage machinery manufacturing enterprise. Because plus ca change, drinks companies seek to development, even if the transition is the development of new drinks, or a new consumer market, subdivided beverage machinery demand along with the market expansion and growth. Beverage industry, however, the new beverage machinery manufacturing enterprise supplier production equipment must follow its development speed, is suitable for the development of, even prior to the development of beverage machinery enterprises. Therefore, we are real & beverage war and other From throughout the &; 。
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