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Beverage machinery development needs full of hope and confidence

by:Xinmao     2020-12-29
The beverage machinery and equipment development of our country to today's fully able to meet the needs of the domestic beverage manufacturers, is take the - The technology introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation, gradual localization of the road. Compared with the advanced technology abroad, beverage processing in our country, there are product specification is complete, complete, low level of automation and control, single machine performance is not stable, advanced technology application less faults and weaknesses. Our country in the production of manufacturing equipment, processing means, design levels compared with foreign main filling equipment manufacturing enterprises have, distance, these are our beverage machinery industry needs continuous efforts, improved. In the 21st century, beverage machinery and equipment manufacturing industry in our country is still full of hope, faith and strength. It is the development direction of large-scale, high speed and improve stability is one of the main targets of development.
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