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Beverage machinery definition and technical parameters of the duplex strainer in!

by:Xinmao     2021-01-07
A, definitions, double filter is also called double switching filter it is composed of two sets of stainless steel filters in parallel and reasonable with novel structure, good sealing, flow capacity is strong, easy to operate, and many other advantages, wide application range, strong adaptability of multipurpose filtering equipment. Especially the small probability filter bag sliding sideways, to be able to guarantee the filtration precision, and can quickly change the filter bag, filter the basic no material consumption, reduce operating costs. Double filter, also known as parallel switching filter, using the two three-way ball valve, the two monocular filter assembly on a stand, don't have to stop when cleaning filter, ensure the continuous work, is a no parking line filter, filtering element of this filter, in addition to the stainless steel filter, may also have quality honeycomb degrease cotton fiber, can filter out size 1 & mu; More particles, this filter is use monocular, at this time only need to remove the stand together, the rest of the size remains the same. Of beverage machinery, double filter polishing processing features: double filter inside and outside surface polishing treatment, filter cylinder is equipped with stainless steel mesh and mesh support basket; Capped with a bleed valve, discharge air in the filter for filtering effect. Cover connected to the filter cartridge adopts quick open structure, more convenient cleaning, Replacement) Mesh, three adjustable leg can make smooth filter is placed on the ground. Pipe connection with articulated or clamp connection mode, front-rear using three-way ball valve opening and closing valve, pressure and temperature resistant, convenient operation and no material liquid leakage more health. Three, double filter can be used commonly in what place do you together with its technical parameters? 1, the filter aperture: 60 ~ 400 mesh ( Chosen) ; 2, work stress: & le; 0. 2MPa; 3, suitable temperature: & le; 120℃; 4, cooling, the low temperature materials, such as: liquid methane, ammonia, oxygen, and various cooling agent. 5, chemical industry, weak corrosively medium for petrochemical production, such as water, ammonia, oil, hydrocarbon, etc. Within 6, both inside and outside surface treatment: mirror polishing, mirror polishing or inferior smooth 7, filtering capacity: 5 t/h, 10 t/h; 8, filter material: 304/316 l; 9, import and export diameter: 32 mm, 40 mm; 10, filtering area: 0. 15㎡、0. 30㎡. In 11, light industry, food, pharmaceutical production materials with health requirements, such as: beer, beverage, dairy products, syrup medical supplies, etc. 12, corrosive materials in chemical industry production, such as caustic soda, strong dilute sulphuric acid, carbonic acid, acetic acid, etc.
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