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Beverage machinery behind the high pressure pump two what is the role of the door?

by:Xinmao     2021-01-03
Reality, beverage machinery in the high-pressure pump when used in accordance with the guide for the design of membrane element manufacturers provide used, but the pollution of membrane element will slowly, after a period of time, of course, can be achieved by chemical cleaning to get parts for their performance, but it is hard to fully recover its performance, so the design of the experienced personnel should be considered in the design of this problem, this time should be chosen to guarantee three years later to meet the design water rate of feed water pump, the need to design a higher pressure of feed water pump, but the system is the initial operation of don't need high pressure can meet the design water rate, so the system in the initial run time rich feed water pump pressure, with the passage of time, the rich gradually reduce pressure, so the back of the high pressure pump should be set manually adjust the door to adjust water pressure. In some cases can be set to the feed water pump frequency conversion adjusting device, at this point you can use the method of frequency conversion to realize the adjustment of the feed water pressure. High-pressure pump door at the back of the manual adjustment after the set up generally don't need constant adjustment, over a period of time is basically in a constant position, every time the system startup also do not need to open and close the valve. Preparation of standard test solution water for reverse osmosis water production, and therefore almost without impurities, there is no membrane element is the problem of pollution. In practical use, in addition to the secondary water reverse osmosis system is based on level 1 reverse osmosis system of water production as raw water, water reverse osmosis system are almost all the other ordinary after pretreatment of raw water. In addition to the despite pretreatment part of impurities, but compared with the standard test under the condition of water used, the water quality is still poor. Membrane element design water rate should be less than the standard water rate, if still water rate is designed according to the standard water rate as at this point, the reverse osmosis membrane element will soon be polluted, causing damage of membrane element. In order to avoid the occurrence of the above situation, membrane components manufacturers to provide the design guideline, so that the designers have according to the can depend on. Design guideline recommendations should be selected according to different water water water rate of different design. If there is no other beverage machinery behind the high pressure pump valve, every time when start the system, high pressure pump of high pressure water will directly impact the membrane element, especially in the system exists in the air can produce & other Water hammer & throughout; The phenomenon, such easy to cause the collapse of the membrane element. In order to prevent this phenomenon occurs, should set electric slow to open the door at the back of the high pressure pump, slowly open the electric slow to open the door after start the high pressure pump, which is loaded on to the system of reverse osmosis membrane pressure slowly, electric slow full closed the door should be fully open the valve, its full open full close time is adjustable, but is set to 45 to 60 seconds. So from a security perspective of reverse osmosis membrane element should be set electric slow to open the door.
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