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Beverage machinery and equipment when cleaning the matters needing attention

by:Xinmao     2020-12-11
Be familiar with the friends all know that drink machine in the beverage production line without many POTS, mixing tank, sterilization tube, mixing tank, water storage tank, etc. , to ensure the health of beverage to be qualified, the jars to regularly wash, today, we are here for you flush the matters needing attention in the process of detailed introduce beverage machinery: 1, change the filter suspends the rinse pump, careful not to impurities. 2 flushing oil, pipeline pump, after flushing qualified before use must pay attention to the protection, so as to avoid contaminants into the system. 3, for emptying and sewage to on a regular basis, to ensure that the system is full, timely and exhaust gas and pollutants. 4, at the early stages of the flushing, the oil in the evaporation is very important, in the rinse tank should be the window of the steam to escape. 5, fuel tank is closed, reducing the likelihood of the particles in the air into the tank. 6, add flushing oil tank with filters should be used when the refueling cart, with pollutants in barrels of oil.
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