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Beverage machinery and equipment characteristics and classification

by:Xinmao     2021-01-08
As is known to all, there are many types of beverage machinery, various in form, structure jianfan is different; A part of the regional features and special flavor; Related to food quality. Beverage machinery classification: delta according to the raw material or product categories: milling machinery, oil processing machinery, sugar, rice machinery, salt production machinery, starch, flour products, dairy machinery, egg processing machinery, bean products processing machinery, meat products, aquatic products processing machinery, fruit and vegetable processing and preservation, canned products machinery, production machinery, beverage machinery, convenient food machinery, spices and additives products machinery, drinking and so on. Delta according to the function of the mechanical equipment, molding machinery, such as cookies, cakes, candy molding machinery and equipment. Mechanical crushing and cutting, split: including crushing, grinding, dividing, cutting machinery and equipment, etc. Separation machinery, such as filtering, centrifugal machinery and equipment, all kinds of the extraction and purification of machinery and equipment. Material handling machinery, including to miscellaneous, cleaning, separating grading, sorting, etc all kinds of machinery and equipment. Mixing machinery: including powder mixing and kneading machinery and equipment. Stir and homogeneous mechanical: including mixed liquid materials processing machinery and equipment. Cooking machinery, including cooking, editing, boil sugar, Fried and other machinery and equipment. Most beverage machinery has special requirements: delta food material properties, composition, morphology, the difference is bigger, decided to food machinery of single sex is strong, the equipment general appearance is the relatively small size, lighter weight, mobile convenience. Delta requirements food machinery materials used should be able to anticorrosive, antirust, accord with national standard of food hygiene and safety regulations need to enforce the content. Direct contact with the working parts of delta food should be easy disassembly and cleaning. Delta food machinery has a strong adaptability, adjusting easy, easy to adjust the mould and the characteristics of multi-usage. The operation of the delta food machinery and equipment, should be safe and reliable, easy to operate.
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