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by:Xinmao     2020-12-09
Xinmao machinery provide drinks ( Glass bottle washing machine, glass bottle sterilizer) Washing bottle sterilization is an essential part of beverage production links glass bottle washing machine the machine is combined with the advantages of the machine at home and abroad and according to the experience of the customer design. Suitable for glass and plastic bottles of water and gas cleaning; According to the customer need to use different diameter and the height of the jar. Apply to food, medicine, cosmetics, chemical industry, etc. This machine is mainly composed of clip, conveyor, steam cleaning device, can be connected to the filling machine into line, also can be separate. Bottle of bottle clamp to clean system, the machine adopts advanced filtration system, USES the solenoid valve control switch, to save water. The main part of the machine is the advanced international technology fully stepless motor control. This machine structure is compact, cover an area of an area small, energy-saving effect is good, simple operation, good reliability, easy to maintain. In order to avoid damage to the shape of the bottle, we adopt the silicone bottle clamp. Glass bottle drying sterilizer cabinet for heaters, stainless steel appearance, machine design and manufacturing process in accordance with food equipment production requirements. Opening is big, the shell material can be seen, the contemporary choke microwave leak detection device, equipped with automatic power-off protection switch. Microwave generator set on the heater, drying, sterilization is more uniform; Equipment the overall appearance compact structure, beautiful, smooth, cover an area of an area small; High reliability, system design style with a wet road, is not only beneficial to maintain material temperature and humidity, is more advantageous to the microwave generator cooling of the internal heating device.
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