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Beverage industry needs innovative beverage machinery and equipment do not lag behind

by:Xinmao     2020-11-24
Beverage machinery as a necessary equipment for beverage makers, not only to serve drinks manufacturers production requirements, but also to determine whether their production concept to practice. For example, I want to produce a kind of drink, I have this idea, market research has shown that it is feasible, the last is only the production, found that the production equipment to achieve the kind of creativity, it is a pity. Beverage machinery manufacturer, therefore, play a very important influence. It is understood that in the majority with small and medium-sized beverage equipment companies in China, beverage machinery manufacturer with international competitiveness is not much, domestic industry level compared with the developed countries, there is still a certain gap. If blindly from abroad to introduce advanced production equipment at very high prices, it's no good for their drink mechanical learning and technology improve, so for a long time, this technology will be monopoly against the development of industry and beverage equipment. Drink as a fast-moving consumer goods have market in our country, if the innovation of the related production equipment, the core technology breakthrough, form the advantages of domestic beverage machinery industry, the formation of the beverage machinery industry will give China's beverage market, beverage equipment industry bring enormous impact.
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