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Beverage industry 'hot war' continues to related machinery need to be prepared

by:Xinmao     2020-11-24
For a long time, the food industry and food machinery industry support each other, mutual influence, food machinery, advanced technology research and development to promote the further development of food industry, food machinery technology backwardness will lose market competitiveness, make the food industry food machinery industry is the technical support for the food industry. Similarly, fresh air to also can affect food machinery for the food industry structure adjustment. Before the outbreak of the new beverage sales boom master drinks industry structure trend this year, in order to prepare beverage machinery industry. As temperatures rise gradually, beverage market is in a year of sales season. Each big business super golden pavilion is placed on the all kinds of beverages, compared with previous years, this year's beverage market new products, including 'nutritional health banner drinks occupy a big proportion, grab a lot of carbonated soft drinks market. Beverage market new products using previous mentioned beverage, consumer first thought is soda, is also a wide variety of carbonated drinks. And now if you go to the supermarket to choose water, beverage, it is easy to the edition. Beverage market has a bottle of soda farmland by the past, now the development of carbonated drinks, juice drinks, tea drinks, protein drinks and so on various categories of coexisting situation. Now there are many kinds of drinks, and share more and fine. As for easily irritated people have all kinds of herbal tea, targeted on the fatigue energy drinks, in view of the intestines and stomach bad, aid digestion of lactobacillus drink, fully meet the diverse needs of consumers. Staff of the mall, because of the influence of these products, sales of carbonated drinks than ever before have a certain decline. It is understood that fizzy drinks slowdown from began around the year 2000, mainly due to the consumer in the choose and buy drinks when more and more pay attention to the health effects of. At the same time of carbonated drinks slowdown, tea drink, fruit juice drinks is increasing at a speed of more than 3 times in recent years. Three category is favored with the transformation of consumer consumption idea, the main nutritious health beverage became the hot market. Among them, the vegetable protein beverage, near water drink, living bacterium type containing milk beverage such as well in outlook. Released according to the Chinese industry information network in China from 2012 to 2016 in plant protein beverage market research and report on the future development trend, by 2018 China's vegetable protein beverage market scale will reach 73. 3 billion yuan, in 2013, the industry's market size is only 253. 2. 9 billion yuan. Have the personage inside course of study points out, the vegetable protein beverage's space is very big, in addition to walnut milk and almond milk on the market at present, other raw materials haven't developed the many potential candidates with hot style category. And drink water as the delicate beverage, its sales growth is far higher than the industry sales growth, has attracted numerous beverage giant to join the market. First the wahaha launched light and small, light and small two clear series, unified after the launch of the sea the dah sing time and black currants, peach flavor, want want fruit water power release ooze new era, the farmer mountain spring also take this opportunity to introduce new product new fruit water. Compared with other beverages, this delicate beverage more in line with the tastes of young consumers, the future market development potential is huge. Like close water drinks, lactic acid bacteria beverage at room temperature by the growing older consumer groups, their growth remained above 40%, the dairy industry's fast growing category. After nearly two years of market development, the base of lactobacillus drink consumption continued to expand. At the same time, the category of barriers to entry is not high, when get a consumer base, will enter the stage of growing. Trends in the development of beverage industry, food and beverage industry researcher by peng said, now green, raw food is more and more appreciated, market potential is tremendous. Which beverage enterprises can catch health trends in the future, there is a big master points soup beverage market. Is still questionable whether health although natural health become the trend of the development of beverage industry, many companies launch new products also take this as the focus, but these drinks really like propaganda of health? Reporters at random check several drinks nutrition labels, found that is not the case. To consumers is generally believed that health drink vegetable protein drinks, for example, the source of nutrition label containing plants generally low. For example, by a lot of the elderly like six walnuts, its ingredients, in turn, shows that: water, sugar, walnut meat, food additives, edible essence. And we have learned, ingredients are sorted according to the amount of raw materials, it also suggests that the walnut of sugar content than walnuts. At the same time, the reporter also found that almost all of the protein drinks in the column of its protein content is not high, such as the brand of walnut, some brand almond and coconut milk protein content is 0. 6g/100ml。 Have nutrition experts point out that some health drinks on the market at present, although will claim that contain a variety of nutritional, healthy. But in fact, these drinks the nutritional content of far cannot satisfy the human body needs, and the effect resulted from its to human body health also is very limited.
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