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Beverage industry as well as its processing equipment industry market goes up or down?

by:Xinmao     2021-05-11
Enterprise, technology and products of collision, all make a spark. Sugar and wine will provide the food industry with the chance of collision. Rum after a year, the food industry, food processing industry will create a new cognitive all food industry in the future. Through this year's rum will likewise, beverage industry and its processing equipment industry market the wind has begun to change. Spring 2016 national sugar and wine has ended, but the release of market signal began to affect the beverage industry. At the enterprise, tens of thousands of new products, famous brand, marketing, creative emerge in endlessly, BBS, activity of the rich and wonderful. Whatever the form is the release of signal about the industry, about the market. This year, tens of thousands of product appearance rum. Preliminary estimates, the category of more than 2000 kinds of new products this year. But many dealers have the feeling, just visit, total feel shine at the moment: this product is very creative and the potential of the new product has hot style look & hellip; … However, through three hotels ( Rum will, chengdu has more than 20 hotel decoration) Fatigue, then there will be a choose products: this product with that just like the same, the product if it just changed a packaging. Such a mess market environment, seriously affected the healthy development of the industry. As a distributor, on the one hand, should set an example, the power industry development; On the other hand, to enhance ego to protect consciousness, avoid market chaos caused the loss of their own interests. Especially at the time of selected products, distributor shall try to stay away from those who are easy to be copied, copy products. Even if choose, also should choose to have advantage, competitive brand, it's hard to survive. Market needs diversification development, innovation needs diversification, the diversification of product category or a single product diversification on self-presentation, in sugar and wine have good show at the meeting. The show, in almost every enterprise by increasing the category to expand the market. Fruit juice and functional drinks these two areas, in particular, market segmentation is striking. Fruit juice, also the grapefruit drinks, honey pomelo juice ( Heavy taste) And the grapefruit juice (in my life Heavy taste) , a pomelo canned, etc. Functional drinks the same is true with direct energy, have joined the human body essential elements such as calcium iron zinc, more add food ingredients. It is worth mentioning that the functional beverage in sugar and wine particularly high frequency at the meeting. In 2016, the personage inside course of study says, there will be a large number of small class of functional beverage. For beverage products service, most enterprises have realized the importance of the service. Specific how to implement, however, the current enterprise also do more shallow, only stay in the big play emotional brand personification show feelings expression, etc. On the way. We each product has such a qr code, scan the qr code, you can gain the information such as greetings, healthy common sense. A brand from Hong Kong, officials say, not only that, consumers at different times, in the early, middle and late can obtain different information prompt. That would make consumers in the consumer products at the same time, still can enjoy care of value-added services. However, in terms of improving product service, should be far more than these. In the near future, the product service or biggest market competitiveness will be the goods. This, all enterprises and marketing should be of concern and attention. With the popularity of the Internet, the Chinese market has entered a new era of marketing communication integration. Mobile new media because of its large coverage, viral propagation mode, etc, become a business and marketing people preferred marketing channel. Now drink machinery market competition, it is a knockout, rather than ranking. From the user to the customer, with the aid of mobile terminal, combined with the market, consumer habits, seize the downstream, lock the end, a series of new marketing thinking has become a new environment of enterprise survival and the development inevitably choice. Statistics show, more than ninety percent of the WeChat users will use WeChat every day, half of all users use WeChat more than 1 hours a day, 61. 4% of users each open WeChat will brush circle of friends. Such a market coverage, is unmatched by traditional marketing channels. Pay close attention to qr code, free access to package. Sugar and wine can live, almost every booth at the door, with a qr code poster. Needless to say, from the user to the customer has already become one of the major marketing enterprises. In fact, from the beginning of the attention, the customer will not consciously into the orbit of merchants set up a good marketing: focusing on our first, enjoy our user resources, become our fans, become customers. Indeed, no matter how the scene of a busy market presents the overall excess capacity has become a fact, the internal competition is very big, even if again successful marketing strategies, it is hard to beat the market. Today's consumer market, both dealers and terminal, for each transaction, all need a process of subjective considerations.
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