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by:Xinmao     2021-03-25
This summer, what are your summer drinks? 15 years ago in the summer, you drink? Reviewed the development of beverage industry 15 years, more and more beverage category. Beverage industry in rapid development at the same time, also ushered in the bottleneck period. The next breakthrough direction again? Carbonated drinks are no longer alone big, once upon a time, mention beverage, consumer first associated with soda ( Carbonated drinks) 。 Today, beverage market in China has been developed from that year a soda, development for carbonated soft drinks, water, beverages, fruit juice drinks, tea drinks, energy drinks, containing milk beverage such as common carve up the market. In addition, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, coffee drinks also seek share in the market. Expert introduction, carbonated drinks slowdown from began around the year 2000, is mainly based on consumer health factors to consider. Coca-Cola and Pepsi coke has zero calories through research and development of new products such as to save the results. The tea drink, fruit juice beverage production is increasing at a speed of more than 3 times in recent years. In the tea beverage market, after years of market adjustment, the pattern has been mature, the unification, master kong, wahaha, suntory, nestle brands such as basic occupied the market advanced position. Health beverage machinery industry brand big & other; Coconut island, lulu, six walnuts, we are now at the feast the basic can buy, visit family and friends is also necessary. ” Vegetable protein beverage with nutrition, health, etc in the past few years by consumers, especially in the Spring Festival shopping season. Statistics show, including milk and vegetable protein beverage machinery industry scale in China in the past five years the average annual growth rate of 28%, is one of the fastest growth sector in the drink, the next three years will remain around 20% growth of the industry. Dairy giant Erie, mengniu, also in the second half of 2014, vegetable protein beverage products was launched by the animal protein extends to the field of plant protein. In addition, Nielsen, according to data from 2015 compared to the same period in 2014, increased by seven functional beverage. Increased by 4, 6% fruit juice. 7%. Consumers more and more high to the requirement of drinks. Food and beverage industry to rely on a strong advertising campaign to get consumers to buy is the era of the past, only production enterprise product quality and cost-effective products to consumers. Big health drinks machinery industry also need to further cultivate, currently in the early stage of the rapid growth, three years is expected to enter the high-speed development period. Green, raw food is more and more appreciated, market potential is tremendous. Protein drinks, juice drinks and herb drinks will be the trend of the future. “ ShaJiZhi, blueberry drinks, etc. , with the green, the original ecological food, become a new consumption trend. Can predict the future who can seize the trend of health, there is a big hold share beverage market. ” , bottled water can't dazzle stunt, according to data from 2010 to 2013, China bottled water consumption of 39. 82 million tons, 45. 87 million tons and 5519 respectively. 10000 tons, 65. 79 million tons, with an average annual growth rate of about 20%. Bottled water in China has experienced a rapid development. And according to the Chinese beverage industry association released data show that in 2014 China's total sales of 113. 1 billion yuan, bottled water by 2013 mineral water industry more than 1000 production enterprises. But in the high-speed development of bottled water at the same time, some open water enterprise brand concept, many consumers dazzled, disoriented. Reporter visited the city's major business super found in drinking water by various brands of products on the shelves, the name is multifarious, such as mineral water, mineral water, small molecular group water, distilled water, oxygen enrichment, such as water, soda water, pure water and ice water, in addition, changbai mountain in Tibet and also marked in a prominent position. Food and nutrition information exchange center expert RuanGuangFeng analysis said that because of the lack of a unified management standards, the manufacturer of brand drinking water's concept in brand phenomenon has more and more serious. Actually, this kind of effect based on the concept of publicity, whether from the point of view of experiment and research, has proved to be impossible. Industry is already agreed on this & ndash; — Functions are manufacturer hype, water itself does not have a magical effect.
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