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Beverage filling production line running attention before five o 'clock

by:Xinmao     2020-12-02
Drinks and mineral water production line can be precisely filling machine, liquid, wine, fruit juices, such as gas drinks, can also with vinegar, milk, liquid filling in such as pesticide, no broken bottle, no leakage, overload protection and liquid crystal display device. Because it is full of the whole closed, so can eliminate the pollution and the spread of harmful substances, in line with the requirements of food hygiene law. Beverage filling line before use operational considerations are as follows: 1, the machine transportation may lead to a screw loose, users will have strong screw. 2, please check whether the line is damaged, if any damage should be replaced. 3, please check for leaks beverage filling production line pipe, if any damage should be replaced. 4, tank full of solution, kit in chlorine dioxide ( CLO2) In strict accordance with the 1:30 ( CLO2 solution concentration of 20000 parts per million (PPM) The replacement ratio, every 4 hours. 5, beverage production line must use standard bottles and caps. Pulp hot filling equipment adopts card bottleneck transmission technology, to realize automatic disinfection, salt bottle, juice, pulp, filling, cap unscrewing process, such as high degree of automation; The pulp and the single plunger cavity volume filling technology; Equipped with perfect temperature control system and the reflux system, equipped with perfect automatic cleaning system and control program, contact with the liquid parts all use high quality stainless steel and food grade rubber
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