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Beverage filling machine

by:Xinmao     2020-12-07
Beverage filling machine is used for filling carbonated beverage, soda water, sparkling beverages such as salt soda water, can also be used for filling juice, water does not contain such as soda drinks. Filling beverage filling machine according to the principle can be divided into normal pressure filling, pressure filling machine and vacuum filling machine. Normal pressure filling machine is by weight of the liquid filling under atmospheric pressure. This kind of filling machine is divided into regular and constant volume filling two kinds, only applies to the filling of low viscosity of not containing gas liquid such as milk, wine, pure water, fruit juice beverages. Pressure filling machine is higher than under the strong pressure filling, also can be divided into two kinds: one kind is liquid in cylinder pressure is equal with blunt bottle, liquid into the bottle and filling weight, called isobaric filling; The other is a liquid cylinder pressure is higher than the pressure in the bottle, the liquid test pressure into the bottle, high-speed production line in this way. Pressure filling machine is suitable for the liquid containing gas filling, such as beer, soft drinks, champagne, carbonated beverage, soda water, etc. Vacuum filling machine is carried out under pressure below the atmospheric pressure in the bottle filling, the filling machine has simple structure, high efficiency, the viscosity of the material used should be wide, such as oil, syrup, fruit wine, etc all can be different filling liquid products.
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