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Beverage filling machine maintenance rules

by:Xinmao     2020-12-06
Filling machine maintenance is helpful to increase the service life of the filling machine, reduce the incidence of beverage filling machine is out of order, thereby lowering the production cost. Beverage filling machine is mainly used for beverage filling operations, it is suitable for all kinds of non-air drinks such as fruit juice, oil, vinegar, wine, fruit wine, mineral water, pure water's automatic washing, filling and sealing, the line unique design, new style, complete functions, strong adaptability, easy operation, beautiful construction, high automation degree, is the good filling equipment in China. Beverage filling equipment maintenance need to pay attention to the following items: 1, beverage filling equipment on a regular basis ( Half a year) Come on to the rolling bearing parts, southern region suggest using 60 & Prime; Oil, summer cold north area suggest using 60 & Prime; Oil, winter suggest using 25 & Prime; The oil. 2, work under the state of water is forbidden, please check before operation and operation of water level in the tank, In the window) 。 Every day after work, would you please clean the machine and let dry residual water in the tank, the north cold area in a timely manner after work to put off pump more water, prevent damage of pump frost crack. 3, air compressor gas and air double couplet body water, must be used when the water container catch the release of water, so as to avoid pollution of the ground. 4, beverage filling production line please professional maintenance staff to maintain the motor on a regular basis. Company will, as always, adhere to & other; Credit first, service first, quality & throughout; The marketing concept. Constantly, we to each customer, to provide users with technical service and support, and sincerely hereby society becoming our friends from all walks of life to visit negotiate.
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