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Beverage filling machine handling and transportation

by:Xinmao     2020-12-06
Beverage filling machine is an essential part of beverage enterprise for production equipment. In order to ensure the safety of beverage filling machine, during handling and transportation equipment, pay attention to the following: 1. Transportation: in addition to the user to specify the packing way, in the process of filling machine for transport, the general equipment using simple packaging, to pay attention to should take put down gently, in avoiding collisions. 2. In the process of moving beverage filling machine, should pay attention to the direction of the filling machine is correct, but also focus on the surrounding environment, so as to avoid a collision. 3. Handling after devanning can use fork fork at the bottom of the main body in front of the filling machine, but the length of the ChaJiao must be long enough, than rail machine. 4. After production equipment chosen position, finally parked filling machine, there should be a relevant personnel to support around to avoid equipment for parking is not smooth, cause equipment, damage to equipment. 5. After filling machine placed flat, must first to the filling machine to conduct a comprehensive inspection, may enable to jump. In the process of handling and transportation of beverage filling machine, care should be taken to avoid collision, so as not to affect the subsequent use of filling machine.
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