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Beverage filling line

by:Xinmao     2020-12-04
Beverage filling production line, we will from preparation to you how to make the bottle, how to choose your filling equipment, how do you design product packaging and end our xinmao discharged can provide complete solution for bottling plant, including blow molding machine, water treatment system, washing filling capping machine, printing machine, automatic labeling machine, automatic packing machine, automatic stacker crane system. The specialty is engaged in the liquid filling and packing of xinmao drink machinery will always offer a solution for your project. Your success is our mission. Xinmao mechanical filling production line of the first part of the water pretreatment equipment in production of pure water, mineral water and other bottled water, fruit juice beverage, wine with water. It is mainly composed of the following equipment: pretreatment system ( Water tank, a medium filter, activated carbon filter, ion exchanger, microporous filter) , membrane separation system ( Super filter, nanometer filter, RO system) , electrodialysis devices, the sterilization system ( Uv equipment, ozone equipment) , the product water tank, etc. Provide blow molding machine 1000 - bottle blowing machine 24000 BPH and 0. 25 - 2 l PET bottle; Widely used in the production of carbonic acid, fruit juice, pesticides, oil, cosmetics, hot filling bottles, etc. ; Highly automated man-machine interface, easy to operate, bottle scrap rate lower than 0. 2%. Compact machine covers an area of small; Mould installation simple slide way makes the operator can easily replace mould in 30 minutes. This is the most core part of the whole production line: the triad filler filling production line production capacity usually is 1000 - 36000 bottles/hour, can provide 0. 25 - 2. 5 l PET bottle; Good compatibility, can be replaced by a small amount of spare parts, you can change the filling material. Automatic filling machine adopts rinsing, filling, capping triad technology, PLC control, touch screen and other key electrical components adopt mitsubishi, omron and Siemens PLC and touch screen equipment; The whole filling line filling accuracy is approximately equal to 1%, the yield is high. Labeling machine shrink sleeve labeling machine is mainly used for cylindrical container labels, square or other special shapes of detergent, drinks, fruit juice, food, etc. Labeling machine is controlled by PLC, touch screen, the magic eye adopt imported advanced configuration. High speed, high precision, stable performance. Easy to operate, the appearance of the atmosphere. Tag labeling machine automatic self-adhesive label. You can select a profile tag, two side label or three side label. It can be used for plastic bottle, can also be used for glass bottles to shrink packaging machines, plastic film packaging machine 1. Cover an area of an area small, small energy consumption, 2. Operating costs low. 3. High stability, simple operation. 4. Imported PLC control, quality assurance. Xinmao drink machinery with high quality technical development team and rich experience in filling machinery manufacturing. We can provide you with complete beverage ideal solution - PET bottle blow molding, filling and packaging.
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