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Beverage filling equipment working process and the matters needing attention

by:Xinmao     2020-12-02
Beverage filling equipment system is to use mechanical filter, activated carbon, softening as the front-end processing, effectively remove the suspended matter in raw water, sediment, organic colloid particles, organic matter, peculiar smell, residual chlorine, calcium magnesium impurities, such as using SPC as desalination, reverse osmosis unit for the most part removal in the raw water soluble salts material, bacteria, heat flow, etc. , to ensure the finished water quality standards. Beverage filling machine production line according to their function can be divided into washing, filling and capping three steps, and its working process is as follows: 1, sending empty barrel barrel mouth bar into the buckets, bucket chain movement clearance a location, at this point, the empty barrel for inverted cylindrical barrel mouth barrels to wash. 2, flushing process has three steps: first to clear water, the second as the disinfectant, the third for sterile water ( Mineral water) After the wash, rinse, a time to drop 10 s. 3, after rinse JingTong with chain down turn 45 degrees, plastic sliding out on its own, and then the top drum cylinder'll flip bucket up 45 degrees, the bucket in a waiting for filling. 4, filling valve driven by cylinder into the barrel mouth, filling automatic exhaust valve by open the filling, the filling time is set by PLC, and can be used according to the liquid level height panel multi-function button modification filling time, in order to achieve high quality. After filling to liquid level, excess water back to the pure water tank by the automatic vent, to reduce the waste water. 5, after filling, by filling a bucket cylinder will have barrels to gland location, for the next step when filling capping, at this point the entire production process is over. Beverage filling machine use inspection and operational matters needing attention: 1, before starting, check the disinfectant liquid level, the power, air pressure is normal, check whether the electromagnetic valve, cylinder with manual method is good, the movement is normal, the water pump to correct, presence of exhaust air. If found abnormal situation, to troubleshoot the rear can carry on production. 2, the machine production automatic rushed, disinfection, filling and cover, gland, without human disturbance, but each part of the operations staff to closely observe dynamic, found that the problem will be promptly manual automatic to manual, in order to prevent accidents, when chain position is wrong, the shaft with manually, then push the chain to normal location. Work should be timely supplement disinfectant to prevent water pump in the anhydrous state idling, burn out seal. 3, after the production, should put off residual liquid pipeline, road and water cut off gas, shut off the power.
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