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Beverage equipment system device is introduced

by:Xinmao     2021-05-16
Quartz sand filter quartz sand filter: the filter layer of filter for many times, the main purpose is to remove heavy metals of manganese, iron is contained in the raw water, sediment, rust, colloid substances, suspended solids and other particles in more than 20 um material, system can detect backwash, is washed and a series of operations. Generally USES the automatic pretreatment valve, filter can be set into the filtering, cleaning. Main functions: to protect the original rear membrane, ensure the water rate, prolong the service life of equipment. Activated carbon treatment tank activated carbon filter. This equipment is mainly is to filter the water of organic matter and residual chlorine. Dosing system or a softener in order to prevent the thick water side especially RO device last membrane module thick water side of CACO3, MGCO3, MGSO4, sweet 2 caso4 bottled pure water equipment, BASO4, SRSO4, SISO4 concentration is greater than the equilibrium solubility constant crystallization and precipitation, membrane damage shall have the characteristics of the original, before entering the reverse osmosis membrane module system USES type cation exchange resin, sodium ion exchange adsorption, remove the water hardness ingredient, after adsorption saturation, resin, industrial salt for regeneration of resin are available, and to restore the exchange capacity. Each softening system including: softening tank, controller, Or jet/salt pump) Salt, salt box and valve. Main functions: to prevent reverse osmosis scaling, prolong the service life of reverse osmosis membrane, in addition with the method of resin softening, can also be used to raw water scale inhibitor is added, the dosing system instead of resin softener. Reverse osmosis system. Precision filter: filter used to intercept pretreatment system leakage of a small amount of mechanical impurities. The filter cylinder adopts engineering plastics or SUS304 material; Built-in PPF filter. Polypropylene filter is a kind of high efficiency, small resistance of the deep filter elements. Apply to lower suspended impurities ( Turbidity is less than 2 - 5 degrees) Further purification of water. Polypropylene filter by polypropylene fiber winding according to certain rule in polypropylene porous tube injection forming. Main functions: to ensure into reverse osmosis membrane water particle size is less than 0. 1um。 High pressure pump, pump in the whole system is arguably played a very important role. By a very large pressure to water through the reverse osmosis membrane. Reverse osmosis membrane: osmosis membrane as the core of the entire device. Has played a pivotal role. Only by this equipment out of the water is pure water. Then those who pass the water pressure is not? Will be discharge tube. As the water off.
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