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Beverage companies struggling Internet + tide force the industry reshuffle

by:Xinmao     2021-03-25
Fruit juice drink is a major branch of beverage industry. In recent years, the rapid development of compound juice drinks and fruit and vegetable juice drinks, common on the market have a pineapple juice or orange juice and other tropical fruit juice and vegetable juice of different compound juice drink. Function, but at the same time, juice drinks and other health care beverage as a new nutrition concept development and new material is better, the organic combination of fruit and vegetable juice and milk of fruit juice milk, such as banana milk already dairy drinks and fruit and vegetable juice drinks in China shows a huge consumer demand in the market. Although the process of development in recent years, fruit juice beverage affected by other types of drinks, but its overall development still rise, this trend also with people's health consumption. Category are diversified and high-end product is still not enough at present, common fruit juices and juice drinks on the market is divided into the following kinds: the first is the juice content is only 5% & ndash; 10% of the low concentration fruit juice beverage. In this camp, in a unified & other; Orange much & throughout; , master kong & other; Daily C” Fruit juice and coke & other; Queer & throughout; As a representative. The second type with Watson & other Mr Juice & throughout; And the digest & other; The farmer orchard & throughout; As a representative. Their common characteristics are compound juice, generally by the carrot juice and other kinds of fruit and vegetable juice, and then made the concentration of 30% fruit juice. The third kind is pulp fruit drink juice content not less than 40%, it is to use the original fruit pulp or concentrated fruit pulp, sugar, citric acid, etc. And, contains a lot of fruit, fruit fiber and pectin, can be directly drinking products. The third type of juice during pulping retain all the nutritional composition of the skin, flesh, thus has the original fruit meat thick, fruit color and the advantage of nutrients retained intact. In addition, there are 70% juice content of fruit juice drinks, is refers to the per 100 kilograms of fruit juice beverage containing 70 kilograms of the original fruit juice, and 30% for water and other ingredients, Such as glucose syrup, etc. ) ; The last one is the highest concentration of 100% juice content, it is directly with fresh fruit juice does not add water ( NFC) Or concentrated juice made of fruit juice drinks (water reduction FC) 。 FC is refers to the raw materials of concentrated juice to add the same amount of water losing in the process of enrichment of natural moisture, which is made with the original fruit flesh color, flavor and soluble solids content of products. FC keeps the main nutrients in fruit, the price also is take the populist route, so in the current market condition 100% holds an absolute advantage in the fruit juice consumption structure. NFC is not concentrated reduction 100% fruit juice, fruit pasteurized after juicing directly, in the low temperature environment. Because of the shorter time for heating the freshly squeezed juice during processing, so the nutrition loss is relatively small, at the same time, better retain the original fresh fruit. However, the disadvantage of this kind of fruit juice is suitable for low temperature preservation, shelf life is relatively short. In addition, because it is the real pure juice, plus storage is not easy, so the cost is higher also. Compared with other types of fruit juice, NFC juice due to strict production process is multifarious, transportation conditions, storage time is shorter, the price is relatively high. However, in recent years, along with some new food processing technology constantly, enables the NFC juice to enter the food processing factory realize industrialized production, have the enough market demand and technical guarantee. At present, Chinese consumer spending habits is given priority to with low concentration fruit juice, high concentration of fruit juice market share accounted for about 5%, but the consumer preferences shift from low concentration fruit juice as high concentration, has become the consensus of the industry. Industry overcapacity enterprises troubled beverage machinery industry since the turn of the century opened & other; Golden decade & throughout; Rapid development, each big beverage enterprises in sales rising at the same time, is also to speed up the pace of expansion. Today, expanding capacity and weak consumer demand has formed a huge contradiction. By peng, a researcher at the Chinese food business institute pointed out that the beverage industry has been facing overcapacity in an all-round way. Huiyuan juice sold 9 subsidiaries of relief in the first half of 2015, perhaps is a miniature of the whole industry overcapacity.
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