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Beverage companies are overweight healthful beverage process technology, production equipment to keep up with you?

by:Xinmao     2021-05-15
Clearly put forward in the report to the 19th & other; Implement the strategy of China health & throughout; To enhance health industry in a strategic level. According to the & other; Health throughout China 2030 &; Planning outline data show that by 2020 China health industry, more than 8 trillion yuan total to 2030, 15 trillion yuan of above. Food industry many fields also smell business opportunities, or the introduction of technology, or research and development of new products, and upgrade the extraction technology and other ways to enter the health industry. Beverage companies are overweight healthful beverage in recent years, as the health concepts into the mainstream health trends, consumer preferences to the high sugar content, high caloric beverages has been falling, health, personalization, functional is the mainstream of future consumer demand. Many food companies are alike into light fat or overweight drinks, functional beverages, such as uniform, China resources treasure, dong peng, pulse, etc. Unified launch new products & other Enough combustion & throughout; , in addition to the innovation on modelling, & other; Enough combustion & throughout; The biggest point is not to add taurine and other synthetic chemicals. It is worth mentioning that the production process is to extract natural plant ingredients to processed products, not only cater to the & other; The popular trend of the global food and beverage industry using natural raw materials & throughout; , agreed with big healthy development trend, also meet the demand of market consumption upgrading. There is no doubt that big health industry has a huge market, in the national policy and market demand, under the influence of multiple large health industry will grow further. A lot of food and beverage processing enterprises have seen this market prospects, actively introduce processing equipment, upgrade technology, process, increase relevant health products research and development, meet the market demand. Whereby food machinery manufacturing industry to keep highly attention, keep up with the pace of enterprise product development, for its developed meet the production requirements of mechanical equipment, power enterprises under the big health industry go further!
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