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Beer production line direction

by:Xinmao     2021-04-24
Beer production line: we have learned, in recent years, China's beer industry is to change, the change trend of development; And on the packaging of beer, also is in the direction of the vial, diversification and individuation development. And cans of beer packaging, because the seal performance is superior, to a greater degree to maintain the inherent flavor of beer, transportation convenient, easy to carry and open at the same time, suitable for travel, field dinner, visit friends and relatives, attracts more and more urban middle-aged and young consumer groups. In addition, because cans material is lighter, long distance sales, can save transportation cost, so the market prospect is very broad. But at present our country cans of beer production is less than 5% of the total output, while the sales of the top ten beer brand has six is canned products, accounting for 49% of the total national output. The personage inside course of study points out that, along with the beer product structure adjustment and the improvement of the proportion of beer, canned beer would be a big development. And cans of yanjing headquarters last year sales increased by about 22% from the previous year. The yanjing headquarters and the target market demand, timely article on the filling 72000 an hour to listen to, international and domestic filling zui cans of beer filling line. This not only make their own cans filling level from filling per hour at the beginning of 18000, 36000 to listen to, until up to an hour before filling 72000, double filling capacity, and make the product structure adjustment has been further upgraded. Beer production line main features: 1 Use the external type long tube mechanical valve, adopt the way of CO2 full replacement air in PET bottle, effectively reduce the oxygen content. 2 - Can be used to lift spray nozzle of PET beer bottle in sufficient cleaning, and can save washing bottle of water. 3 - Bottle via adopts full stainless steel clamp, the host USES the wind to send tao and dial wheel direct-connect technology into the bottle, the bottle at the same time transfer all adopt the card technology bottleneck, so on the premise of PET bottle diameter is constant change the bottle type, without any change of replacement parts, save the different bottle type conversion adjustment time. 4 - Filling liquid level and pressure cylinder respectively using analog level probe and precision regulating valve control. Beer production line in order to further meet the market demand, to better prepare the adjustment of product structure, yanjing headquarters since July last year to build the cans of filling production engineering, a total investment of 70 million yuan. This article per hour 72000 beer filling production line, the introduction of the global beer beverage filling and packaging equipment: on the empty cans detection, high-speed cameras to test the online every empty cans, ensure that the empty cans high percent of pass; On the process control, automatic temperature control system adopts the sterilization PU values, make sure the taste of the product consistency and stability; On the filling, with the method of float flowmeter, high filling precision, increase oxygen content is low, the taste of beer is more fresh; On the packaging, by using the robot body collection way. Servo machine hand back and forth, catching box set box; Robot body collector with open arms, rotate 180 degrees stacking neatly into the Treasury. At the same time, filling production line adopts the European safety standards, protective measures of staff is strong, high safety coefficient, convenient operation, low failure rate. Domestic filling fast zui, mechanical automation and intelligent of homework not only save the labor cost, and power consumption, water consumption, steam consumption has fallen by a third.
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