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Beer beverage machinery industry standardization

by:Xinmao     2021-04-24
With the integration of the world economy growing, China's accession to the wto and lowered import tariffs, the massive influx of foreign products market in China, beer, beverage machinery industry products in China will face more severe challenges. To this, how to use the standard service into development and protection of our national industry and how to support new product development using a variety of standardized forms, is a new topic worthy of attention. Attaches great importance to the standardization of economic development the important role of standardization in the course of economic development in China has played an important role. Practice has proved that standardization is the technical foundation for national economic and social development, is the bridge of scientific and technological achievements into productive forces, is one of the important conditions for organization modern, integrated production, is to promote technological progress and industrial upgrading, improve product quality and ensure the quality of service, is the important technical foundation of information society. ” 15 & quot; Science and technology development plan clearly put forward: & quot; Implement the strategy of the development of informatization spurs industrialization & quot; 。 Information construction is the effective measure to improve competitiveness, and its standardization is the premise of enterprise information construction and the basic guarantee. Since the founding of the people, especially since the reform and opening, the standardization of undertakings have developed rapidly in our country, so far, China has issued national standard 19865, more than 62000 industry standard. Basic formed by national standards as the main body, industry standards and local standards and enterprise standards, coordinate with each other form a complete set of standard system and the active adoption of international standards and advanced foreign standards, improve the level of the standard of our country. 5% of the national standard and a number of industry standards adopted international standards and advanced foreign standards, the ratio of key industries adopt international standards has reached more than 60%. To recognize the role of enterprise standardization work in the market competition and standardization of the three stages as a company can win in market competition, determines the survival of enterprises. Attaches great importance to the enterprise standardization work in the market competition to play the important role of enterprise standardization work done, can help enterprises to win competition in the market. Standardization of three stages: first set can exactly reflect the market demand of user satisfaction product standards. Enterprise only truly implement the strategy of user-centered, not by our own subjective opinion and experience alone to set standards, only understand the market needs, including in and potential demand for information, and put these information into the quality requirements of the standard, can be set by the user to define the quality of the product standards. Set up product standards as the core of standard system, ensure the stable quality of products and the improvement of productivity. Product standards as the core, including guarantee product standards to implement the necessary standard of form a complete set, together to form an organic whole, standard system. Its purpose is to guarantee the implementation of product standards and product quality stability, so that enterprises can steadily occupy the market. Only an isolated product standard is not solve the problem, the formation process of a product quality involves many internal external factors, these factors can not get effective control, product quality is not stable, so to establish a standard system is the factors affecting the product quality of the formulate the corresponding standards to regulate. Advance the standardization to depth, using a variety of standardized forms to support new product development, make the enterprise have the ability to adapt to market changes the strain capacity of the market. Enterprises want to win the market for a long time, you must be adapt to the changing market strain capacity, mainly reflected in the innovation of the new product development ability, it is the survival of the enterprise. Standardized only fully support new product development, can eventually establish the status of standardization in the enterprise and value. The standardization of industrialized era is to lay a good foundation for the mass production. In the recent two hundred and thirty years, on the basis of standardized mass production, encountered more and more intense challenges, this is the unification of the collapse of the market demand and market diversification, demand diversification, personalized trend and increasing dominance. This is, in fact, the market demand diversification and individuation of the challenge, not challenge the core of large-scale production mode itself, but the result. The past large-scale production, the product is standardized, product development cycle and product life cycle is quite long. Today's production mode is diversified and customised products to replace the standardized products, diverse market segment, rapid growth from the unified market, and gradually get rid of the mass production to a new production pattern, people call this new mode of production, customised of large-scale production.
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