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Barreled Water Production Line

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Barreled Water Production Line

The barrel water production line uses high-strength 304 stainless steel materials, stainless steel plates, precision argon arc welding, small deformation, and beautiful welding patterns; the transmission parts are made of stainless steel, which guarantees the normal operation of the mechanism in various en- vironments; non-metal parts use PP plastic And other non-toxic and highly wear-resistant materials are carefully processed; the drive motor and boost- er pump are selected from domestic export series stainless steel products, and the electrical components are imported from the domestic series or do- mestic famous brand series, which makes the performance more stable and reliable. This equipment consists of a main unit of flushing, filling and cap- ping, which is suitable for the production of 3-5 gallon barreled mineral water and pure water.

Features of barreled water production line

  1. 1. Automatic barrel up-loading system for full-auto operation line.
  2. 2. The barrel filling machine integrates the functions of flushing, filling and capping (cylinder or 304 stainless steel chain plate for capping method).
  3. 3. Bottled water filling equipment uses high-quality stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.
  4. 4. The main electrical components and air components are imported brands.
  5. 5. The pump is selected from Hangzhou Nanfang Pumps (optional Grundfos).
  6. 6. Nozzle is made by American spray company technology.
  7. 7. Automatic barrel loading system.
  8. 8. Can also be equipped with automatic lid puller, internal and external bucket brushing machine, automatic lid cover machine, heat shrinking machine, etc. according to user needs.

Detailed description of 20L barrel water production line

A. Automatic capping machine

BG series automatic capping machine is a special equipment for capping 5 gallon reusable barrels.

The bottle cap is not damaged and can be reused multiple times. The machine is controlled by computer, the production capacity is adjustable, the capping mechanism is pneumatically adjusted, and the barrel height. 


Main technical parameters:

Number of decapping heads: 1-3 heads according to production line capacity.

Barrel size specifications: Φ276X490mm

Capping capacity: 100 to 1200 barrels / hour

Air source: pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa, gas consumption 180L / m

Dimensions: 800*800*1650mm (depending on the actual number of heads) Weight: about 150Kg (depending on the actual number of decapping heads)

B. Automatic 20L barrel  external brushing machine

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C. 5 gallon bottle washing filling capping machine machine

QGF series barrel filling machine is the main equipment for 5 gallon bottled water production line. It consists of SUS304 racks, water tanks, pipes, water pumps, cylinders, transmissions, electrical appliances, etc., completes empty bucket washing, filling, capping actions, and passes multiple washing processes(washing sections is customizable).

Quantitative filling, automatic capping with optional lid feeding, computer control of the whole machine, to achieve a stable washing effect, accurate filling capacity, low capping fault rate.


Main technical parameters:

Production capacity: 100-1200bph

Applicable barrel type: Φ270 * 490mm (5 gallons, 3 gallons)

D. Light inspection device for 5 gallon bottle

DLlight inspection device is used to visually inspect the objects inside and outside the barrel. It adopts a stainless steel protective cover. The light intensity is comfortable and suitable. It not only meets national health standards, but also can clearly check the impurities, defects and glumes inside the barrel.


Main technical parameters:

Power: 80 w

Voltage: Single-phase 220V(customizable) 

Dimensions: L650*W400*H1040mm

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