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Automatic triad pure water filling machine

by:Xinmao     2021-03-06
Xinmao beverage packaging machinery is a beverage filling machinery manufacturers, the most pure water filling machine we have is one of the main production of pure water equipment of communist, the card transmission technology bottleneck, realize automatic disinfection, salt bottle, filling and screw cap, a high degree of automation; Most of the drink mechanical electrical system parts adopt advanced foreign products, beverage machinery and equipment and components in contact with the liquid all use high quality stainless steel materials, has wear-resisting, stability, low failure rate, the quality of the products in the international advanced level. Our filling machine's main working process is sent by the wind passing way, then through turntable, blunt bottle clamp, dial the bottle of star wheel, and so on, the final delivery sent a triad one machine, you may refer to specific instructions. 技术参数:ModelCGF16/12/6CGF18/18/6CGF24/24/8CGF32/32/12CGF40/40/12CGF50/50/15Washing heads161824324050Filling heads121824324050Capping heads668101215Production容量( 瓶/小时) 3000 - 40005000 - 60008000 - 1000010000 - 1200014000 - 1600020000 - 24000Power( 千瓦) 3. 13. 13. 85. 67. 29. 6总体规模( L*W*H) mm2400*1600*24002400*1830*24003100*2200*24003600*2500*24004000*2800*24005450*3210*2400
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