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Automatic Pure Water Filling Machine

Automatic Pure Water Filling Machine

Automatic Pure Water Filling Machine
  • Automatic Pure Water Filling Machine
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Automatic Pure Water Filling Machine
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Automatic Pure Water Filling

Automatic pure water filling machine is mainly used for filling plastic bottle water such as purified water, drinking water, mineral water, etc. It inte- grates the three functions of washing, filling and capping. Pure water filling equipment has the characteristics of compact structure, perfect control system, convenient operation and high degree of automation.

Full-automatic pure water filling equipment is a full-automatic multifunctional combined unit that integrates washing, filling and sealing. It is suitable for the washing and filling of a variety of non-aerated beverages, mineral water, purified water, juice, tea drinks Fully automatic production of filling and sealing. The whole machine has the advantages of unique design, compact structure, beautiful appearance, complete functions, strong adapt- ability, convenient operation and maintenance, and continuously adjustable production capacity.

1.The entire process is automated, suitable for polyurethane bottles, plastic bottles for fruit juice, mineral water.

2.The adjustment of the bottle shape of each part is realized by turning the handle, which is easy, convenient and quick;

3.Filling method: The new type of micro-pressure filling is used to make the filling speed faster and more stable, so the machine has higher output and greater benefits compared with machines of the same specification.

Pure Water Filling Machine Filling Part

Mainly used for filling plastic bottle water such as pure water, drinking water, mineral water. Purified water equipment has high efficiency, low noise, long life, convenient maintenance, and sufficient lubrication. The frequency converter is used to control the speed of the main motor of the machine, and the pure water filling machine uses stepless frequency conversion.

Working Process Of Automatic Pure Water Filling Machine

Main Features Of Automatic Pure Water Filling Machine

(1)Fully automatic pure water filling machine with compact structure, perfect control system, convenient operation and high degree of automation;

(2)Changing the bottle shape only needs to replace the part of the star wheel of the cap, and the arc guide can be realized;

(3)All parts in contact with the materials are made of high-quality stainless steel, no dead corners, and easy to clean;

(4)Full-automatic filling machine uses high-speed filling valve, the liquid level is accurate and no liquid loss, to ensure the filling process requirements;

(5)The capping head adopts a magnetic constant torque device to ensure the quality of the capping without damaging the cap;

(6)Adopting an efficient capping system with perfect self-control and protection devices;

(7)Equipped with perfect overload protection devices, which can effectively protect the safety of equipment and operators;

(8)The control system has functions such as production speed control, missing lid detection, bottle stoppage, and output counting;

(9)The main electrical components and pneumatic components are all world famous brands;

(10)The whole machine adopts advanced touch screen control, which can realize man-machine dialogue operation.

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