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Automatic production line for bottled water supply system

by:Xinmao     2021-03-03

automatic production line for bottled water bottles air conveying system: using the wind to send principle of scientific and reasonable structural design, PET bottle is empty bottle conveying means necessary. Air duct is made of stainless steel material, hangs Taiwan imported HDPE polymer materials, are characterized by their smooth when conveying the bottle, BuKa, no blocking by the characteristic. Fan inlet has a high efficiency air filter, prevent dust blowing into the bottle. According to user's actual demand and production line, which can realize aseptic transportation. 吗? Automatic production line for bottled water filling machine, including washing, filling and spin GaiSanDa function, also called the triad filling machine. By normal pressure filling, filling valve, rely on liquid filling its own gravity. By adjusting the filling valve back to fluctuation position of pipe mouth, which can realize constant liquid level filling. Change the bottle type, only need to change the dial plate, the bottle is transmitted through the star wheel card bottle, just ensure the bottle diameter *, other parts don't need to be adjusted. According to the height of the bottle, the bottle conveyor to adjust slightly, the actual operation is very convenient.
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