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Automatic production line for barrel barrels of water filling machine automatic production line

by:Xinmao     2021-03-05
Automatic filling bottled water production line adopts the second way to finish filling, using atmospheric gravity filling machine. New filling valve, filling valve is in the process of filling, when detecting switch have barrels, cylinder turning upward movement, the import pump to start, at the same time with pneumatic valve, water bucket into the wash station, began to flush the task, after washing, then by filling the cylinder action down, open the filling valve start filling; When filling the time signal input to the PLC, filling inlet valve closing, small flow continues to add filling two seconds, after filling, filling cylinder upward movement, filling valve automatically shut down; Then starts conveyor chain, 5 gallon bucket by the conveyor chain, to the block. Controlled by time relay, achieve accurate liquid level and not water, waste not finished water, don't get a bottle of good filling effect. Automatic production line for bottled water bucket processing in three procedures: alkaline liquid stain remover ( Inside and outside flushing) Disinfectant ( Internal and external flushing) Pure water ( Internal and external flushing) 。 Alkaline water, disinfectant can be recycled. The washing filling capping process adopted PC programmable automatic computer control system, a key can generate bottled water production line running. This equipment has a chain, signal, self-test device such as a security. Rinse and drain, filling and capping one host. The whole machine is made from high quality stainless steel, reasonable structure, convenient operation, accurate action is the ideal equipment in the bottled water production line. Bottled water automatic production line pull out cover machine: used to untreated empty barrels, placed by human or machine conveyor transmission to cover brush barrels machines, pull pull cover brush barrels machines automatically detected by the electric induction barrels, pull cover grasp automatic elongation fetching the lid, the lid was fetching into preset barrelhead collector, the lid after collection, can barrel after disinfection, repeat the secondary use, make cost down. Automatic brush barrels machines: pull cover after the empty barrels after steel transmission into the automatic brush barrels machines, both inside and outside brush to brush barrels of inside and outside, will remain in the pollutants of the inside and outside is brushed, high-speed rotation, a rotary brush, brush with soft material, brush barrels don't scratched VAT at the same time, ensure no damage. Automatic bottled water filling machine: the internal structure of canned VAT by internal transfer of a flush head, reach down after water filling valve, filling system work, filling valve on the level of bottle inserts down, start the water valve, began filling water, after filling, filling head away to the above, bottled water through the steel chain conveyor. Automatic rinse canned machine barrel: after brush barrels of VAT by conveying transmission washing filling machine, first on the computer platform and qualifying barrels, when the number of barrels to set the number of barrels on Taiwan will have a 90 - degree flip bucket and flush head inserted into the barrel mouth, wash water valve started water the barrel, washing down foreign body inside it, rinse, drain the water from the washing head drives the empty barrels to filling module below. Automatic production line for bottled water heat shrinkable: artificial parafilm transferred to the bottle, after thermal contraction the film sealed tightly, sealed tightly after bottled water is to save time, is advantageous to the short time period of storage and sales of a certain period of time. Xinmao bottled water packaging machinery production equipment for small and medium-sized enterprises provide bottled water production line.
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