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Automatic marking machine there is a series of difficulties in production

by:Xinmao     2021-05-21
In modern pharmaceutical industry, due to the particularity of its industry, drug packaging materials to packaging, from environmental requirements to identify process are more strict than normal food packaging, or more various aspects the limits, and automatically set the emergence of the marking machine for mass production and processing of modern medicine provides a strong guarantee, in the process of the whole package, from filling sealing, wrapping package, to cleaning, stacking and disassembly process, greatly improving the production efficiency, reduce the labor intensity of the workers, is a powerful help for mass production. In modern domestic market, with independent development of automatic marking machine set of enterprises are very few, the vast majority of companies are assembled by imitating mode of production, there are many problems in independent research and development. Even so, the set of marking machine still exist in the production of several big difficulties: 1, fast speed, lead to inaccurate positioning. Each 0 to 400 bottles per minute, machine. 15 seconds to complete an action as an example, the subscript speed are highly consistent with cutting the motor to ensure the subscript of the machine, just will not result in a set of partial phenomenon. 2, the motor spins cutter rotating cut a week to finish the action, cutting the motor positioning are not allowed to make the knife dish overshoot, zui eventually lead to the knife dish standard. 3, in the whole process of cutting the subscript by two leading marks of small wheel was rotated to the inside, on the friction roller and film will drop down, although after the use of special material can make the friction coefficient increase, but in the subscript is hard to avoid skid from happening, so even if the subscript motor positioning, also can appear the subscript length not neat. Zui's set of standard machine began in the early 1990 s, the development until now, after years of development, also combined with the current advanced electronic chip technology, engineers will be a series of actions by the programming code written into sets of standard machine control system, by the device after zui docking with the touch screen control system, the whole device is more convenient in operation, compared with the past, servo motor and the use of the electric eye to automatically set marking machine set has greatly improve the speed and degrees.
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