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Automatic filling machine using code

by:Xinmao     2021-03-04
Better understanding of the machine to use the machine, the machine is a guarantee to oneself, here is a look at some automatic filling machine safety operation procedures. One, the basic parameters: 1. After using check: after the installation is completed, open the power supply, commissioning three-phase motor, ensure the correct direction, to ensure that the compressed air pressure and flow, to check whether need to add lubricating oil motors, bearings, etc. It is strictly prohibited without oil. Can only start it after the machine is normal. Each part of the observation fasteners loose at the same time, each part of the stay in a stable condition before operation, can the normal use; 2. Check whether the safety facilities function normally; 3. After startup, carefully check whether there is water within the tank chain plate blockage, conveyor belt on whether there is sundry, the cover within a box if there is a cap and buckets of water, electricity, gas. Kicking action when all ready, open the main power supply, the power indicator, if the bright lights and stop lights, failure indicator, meet the launch conditions. Press the start button above the control box and filling the starting switch. After three alarm, the machine start to work, wash, wash, external to the outer automatic working mode. Filling the stop button when stop the machine and control box, and down and cut off the main power supply. two Use safety rules: 1. There is no foreign bodies (in the charging machine Such as tools, rags, etc. ) ; ( 2) No abnormal noise (liquid inside the machine If you have to stop the machine immediately to check the reason) ; 3. All protective equipment should be safe and reliable. It is forbidden to wear may be moving parts in foreign body ( Such as scarves, bracelets, watches, etc. ) ; ( 4) Long hair operator appreciating mask. 5. Don't clean water and other liquids electrical device; 6. When cleaning should wear overalls, gloves, goggles, prevent the strong acid, strong alkali corrosion; 7. In the operating process, someone must monitor and may not use tools or other objects close to the machine; 8. Don't to irrelevant personnel close to equipment operation. Three, maintenance: 1. Regular inspection and maintenance: monthly check cylinder, solenoid valve, speed regulation, and start the components of electrical appliances, etc. Check method can be adjusted manually to check the quality and reliability of the operation. Cylinder mainly check whether leakage and stagnation. Manually force solenoid valve action, check whether dashboard safety period of burn out, whether the valve plug. Electrical parts can be reference to input and output signal lamp inspection, such as check whether the switch element is damaged, the circuit is disconnected, the output element work is normal. 2. Daily build and maintenance: motor running is normal, safe environment is normal, the cooling system. Presence of abnormal vibration and sound; Presence of abnormal overheating and discoloration. Four, note: 1. Motor and casing must be grounded, zero line and the bottom line must be separated; 2. Machine power supply into line must be introduced through leakage switch; 3. Three pneumatic components need special lubricating oil, in order to prolong the service life of cylinder; 4. Mercury in water is strictly prohibited without water. In the operating process, pay attention to alkali and disinfect water tank filling water, at the same time to ensure that the wash water cleaning supplies; v。 Equipment cleaning requirements: 1. Every day to work around nozzle cleaning equipment, pipelines, conveyor belt and water tank; 2. A week on a regular basis with disinfectant water filling equipment and pipeline cleaning, clean with process water after disinfection; 3. The operator should record and save the disinfection cleaning process. Company will, as always, adhere to & other; Credit first, service first, quality & throughout; The marketing concept. Constantly, we to each customer, to provide users with technical service and support, and sincerely hereby society becoming our friends from all walks of life to visit negotiate.
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