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At present our country dairy packaging machinery market?

by:Xinmao     2021-05-26
In recent years, with the rapid development of dairy industry in our country, the dairy manufacturers competition has intensified, this has led to the relevant processing and packaging machinery industry development. The focus of the industrial structure homogeneity serious domestic dairy industry competition is concentrated in the milk for preemption, market and technology upgrade, except a handful of dairy giants, most of the dairy companies were looking for its own limited resources advantage into the economic benefits of the market effective way, looking for the survival and development space. Due to the limited funding, they want to change now & quot; Technology co. , LTD. & quot; The development of the dairy & other; Bottleneck & throughout; , you will need to select cost-effective, reasonable operating costs of dairy products processing and packaging machinery, due to the foreign products are expensive, they put more hopes on the price is relatively cheap domestic dairy products processing and packaging machinery. At present domestic dairy packaging machinery, although in terms of generic technology and conventional equipment has formed relatively perfect product system, but on the key equipment and key technology is still unsatisfactory. Industry development pattern and macro guidance lack the particularity of the contradiction of dairy packaging beverage processing machinery industry displays in: wide span, comprehensive strength and market development space is large, and so on. Capital structure is relatively simple, but the industry pattern is scattered, mutual blockade, between enterprise and the technological monopoly, otherwise the phenomenon is more serious. In the technical level, the more for low level conventional equipment production, high-quality talent shortage, has the capability of independent innovation and research and development of manufacturers are numbered. Macro guidance belong to multiple industry association, the conflicting policies from different departments to form a no clear macro guidance, also do not have development supporting policies, and no technical specifications of supervision & other 3 without industry & throughout; , seriously restrict the improvement of the overall technical level, greatly lag behind the development of dairy industry. Under the circumstances of China's dairy industry booming, in everyone's in various debate around the milk and the market and industry, people ignored the packaging machinery technology an integral part of development in this industry chain. At present, China's dairy packaging machinery industry there are some contradictions: the development of primary products of low level and the contradiction of end products of high safety requirements of milk is a kind of high timeliness food, must ensure that the end product in the process of packaging the microbial indicators meet the requirements of food safety. Our country's fresh milk microbial indicators compared with the developed countries there is a large gap. This request in the process of milk processing, the technical characteristics of the processing and packaging equipment, used in the aspect of ensuring the safety of the end products have higher requirements. From the processing and packaging process of each working procedure, from the excellent technical state of equipment will be guaranteed. May caused by process and equipment technology to reduce the influence of to a minimum. However, the differences of the dairy companies in order to make its own products advantages and fight for market, artificially thickening of raw milk, flavouring, changed the original processing manufaturability raw materials, thus more responsibility to the relevant processing and packaging equipment technology. Only increase the consistency and continuity of health security to cope with this change in raw material original manufacturability. The special requirements of industry and the lack of technical talents in the dairy processing and packaging equipment, UHT and aseptic technique in high technical level, the related technical discipline is the comprehensive results, is the domestic need to break through the key technology and equipment. Dairy processing and packaging equipment industry is an industry with special requirements; From the technical level, the manufacturer should have biochemical pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing technology, the experience of the dairy processing craft, automation integration technology ability and comprehensive quality control methods of the comprehensive quality. To break through the key technology, in addition to the need to have enough research and development support, more important is the ability to digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology, related to breakthrough and the innovation methods of integration of integration, improve equipment comprehensive performance of high reliability and high security. It's need to have technology integration and innovation ability of interdisciplinary talents with high quality. Because of the development history of the industry and capital structure, high-quality talents has become the indisputable fact that utter lack of, has become the bottleneck which restrict the development of the industry technology level.
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