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Aseptic cold filling production line to the attention of a beverage equipment industry reached a new high degree

by:Xinmao     2020-11-23
Now, beverage equipment industry's attention in the aseptic cold filling production line reached new heights, Coca-Cola, pepsi-cola, master kong, huiyuan such top beverage enterprises are considering adopting or increase the using aseptic cold filling production line. These enterprises to reach the aseptic cold filling production line is mainly for three reasons: 1, at present except bottled water, tea drinks and beverage will be in the future of the fastest growing products, domestic beverage market and the most can reflect their good taste and rich nutrition of filling process is aseptic cold filling technology; Third, is also very important, under the pressure of PET prices rose sharply, aseptic cold filling production line need to bottle gram can reduce ~ 5 g, 3 g and the change of the bottle type is more diverse, and the technology in the water, electricity, as well as the management cost and so on can also help beverage production enterprises save a lot of cost, it's a great attention for beverage production enterprises to reduce the packaging cost is extremely important. Under these advantages, beverage production enterprises to adopt aseptic cold filling equipment has become the inevitable trend. 2, many beverage enterprises into the period of the equipment renewal, aseptic cold filling production line will no doubt be paid more attention to them; Aseptic cold filling production line investment cost problem has been the concern of the beverage industry, with equipment suppliers to reduce the equipment cost, the aseptic cold filling production line investment costs have been reduced to hot filling line 1. 5 ~ 1. 6 times, and the domestic supplier of aseptic cold filling production line has been constantly to mature. In particular, jiangsu new mihoshi aseptic cold filling equipment of packaging machinery co. , LTD. Has been Beijing huiyuan juice group applied successfully for many years. Believe that the future of aseptic cold filling production line investment costs will make more beverage production enterprise is easy to accept. Aseptic cold filling technology advantage is mainly with the hot filling technology in comparison, its prominent advantages of shorter time for heating the cold filling technology products, a variety of nutrients loss less thermal type, quality of products more fresh and natural. In addition, the packaging material cost saving is also the most energetically attract drinks business, an important factor. In the packaging of beverage products, and constantly reduce the bottles and caps gram is the user has been pursuing, especially the bottle gram weight reduced. Bottle cost of 60% ~ 70% from the bottle of material, so reduce the gram bottle is the most effective way to decrease the cost of the bottle. Bottle gram weight reducing, however, there is a limit to, not because the pursuit of low gram weight and give up the strength of the bottle. The bottle down, therefore, on the basis of the intensity of g is the beverage production enterprises demand, this needs require suppliers to provide a high level of bottle blowing technology will provide the bottle preform optimization design. Blow out of the bottle after bottle preform optimization design than without blow out of the bottle after bottle preform optimization gram weight reduce 2 g, to blow the bottle beverage machinery equipment a bottle blowing station at the rate of 500 ~ 550 bottles/hour, so after bottle preform optimization design, an hour can save 1000 ~ 1100 gpet, calculated on the price of PET is 1 cent per gram, a bottle blowing station can save 10 ~ 11 yuan an hour. In computing, the use of optimization design of bottle preform can lead to huge cost savings for the beverage industry. Under this trend, the advantages to optimize the design of the bottle preform supplier will get the favour of more in the future.
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