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As the weather gets warmer, beverage equipment market gradually appear white-hot condition! ( Modify)

by:Xinmao     2021-03-28
Before you know it, is now in June, with the rising of temperature, beverage market began to heat up. Due to people's health consciousness, the concept of nutrition, tea beverage, soda water, and apple, lemon, etc as main raw materials of fruit and vegetable drinks is becoming more and more popular. Although 2009 will be the global financial crisis continues to spread a year, but because of the food and beverage industry itself anti-risk ability is stronger, combined with our country market rich raw materials, low market saturation, etc, the Chinese beverage industry affected by the economic crisis is lesser, but present a buck the trend on the weather, have a broader market space. Beverage industry compared with other developed countries, in China started relatively late. But with the continuous development of our country, the beverage industry to develop very quickly in recent years. According to relevant data, in our country, the production of fruit juice manufacturers, both large and small in about 6000, now has a certain scale of beverage enterprise has more than 1000, with more than 200000 employees, annual sales income of more than 600 one hundred million yuan, the annual tax is one hundred million yuan. National beverage production maintained a steady growth in 1980, annual output of less than 300000 tons, up to 3. 3 million tons, 1990 by the year 2000 to 14. 9 million tons, 20 years of growth in more than 50 times, the average annual growth rate of the 21st. 8%. Entering the new century in 2001 of 16. 7 million tons, 11 higher than in 2000. 94%, continue to maintain double-digit growth rate, is one of the fastest growing industries in food industry. Can be seen from these data, with the development of beverage market, beverage equipment demand will also have a good development space. China's beverage industry rapid development, rapid growth, yield varieties also rapidly increasing, in order to satisfy the small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises production drinks, beverage equipment factory for different enterprises, research is suitable for beverage manufacturers of equipment. Beverage processing machinery points before processing machinery, processing machinery, packaging machinery, packing, palletizing, and so on, mainly include: cleaning machinery, classification ( Screening) Machinery, grinding machinery, beater, juicer, separation, homogeneous machinery, filtration, concentration machinery, heat, water treatment equipment, soda, mixing machine, titian, sterilization machine, filling equipment, packing, palletizing equipment and cold drinks such as complete sets of equipment. Due to the small and medium enterprises, insufficient funds, the enterprise generally USES & other; Small beverage production line & throughout; Investment cost, can effectively reduce the beverage enterprises, promote the development of beverage industry. Small beverage production line with moderate price and keep up with the trend of the consumption, therefore, very suitable for small and medium-sized beverage enterprises use, will have a very broad market space. For high speed, high output large drinks companies, requiring them to drink machinery. First of all, will tell from the utility: the same device, tea drinks, coffee drinks, soymilk can be drinks and fruit drinks and other beverages hot filling; Are for glass bottle and pet bottle filling. Second, high technical content, high reliability, full automatic control level is high and high efficiency. On-line detection device and metering device supporting complete, can automatically detect the various parameters, and precision measurement. Set machine, electricity, gas, light, magnetic as one of the high-tech products constantly emerging. Finally, high speed, high output: for carbonated beverages, filling speed good filling machine can top 2000 / filling, the filling machine filling valve, respectively, up to 165 head, 144 head, 178 head. Non carbonated beverage filling machine filling valve - 50 100, topped 1500 / filling and filling speed. So, to sum up, beverage equipment industry development, in competition, on the technology constantly updated, constantly improve product quality and brand awareness, will win the favor of the more beverage enterprises.
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