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Analysed the future development direction of our plastic beverage packaging

by:Xinmao     2021-04-11
With the rapid development of our country's economy, the domestic purchasing power of residents level and consumption will also gradually increase, consumption idea will tend to further improve the quality of life. Beverage, wine, edible oil and seasoning liquid food, such as market demand will be along with the economic development and people living standard rise steadily growing. In the long term, beverages, alcohol, edible oil and seasoning, etc in China liquid food industry still has a large room for growth, especially in rural areas of consumption ability promotion will greatly boost the consumption of beverages and other liquid food. To sum up, the rapid development of downstream industries and the pursuit of quality of life, inevitable requirement enterprises into the corresponding packaging equipment to meet the needs of production, will also be on the packaging machinery of high precision, intelligence, high level put forward higher requirements, so the liquid food packaging machinery in China will present a more broad market prospect. The personage inside course of study to confident beverage packaging machinery industry development in the future, the future of our plastic packaging industry development direction is as follows: one is the development of the beverage industry to promote technical progress of packaging industry. According to beverage packaging machinery industry market price thematic depth investigation and study to predict the future development trend, according to a report in the future of beverage packaging market, use less raw materials, low cost, easy to carry and other unique advantages determines the beverage packaging must be constantly in technology innovation, to follow the development of beverage, cans or glass is commonly used as packing materials in beer, red wine, white wine and beverage such as carbonated drinks, coffee, honey with the constant improvement of functional thin films, plastic soft packing replacement to bottle and widely used is the inevitable trend. Packaging materials and production process of greening, marks a solvent-free composite and extrusion composite multi-layer co-extrusion functional thin film will get more application in beverage packaging. The second is differentiated product packaging requirements. “ More variety of products, which requires more differentiated packaging & throughout; Has become the trend of the development of the beverage industry, the development of the beverage packaging machinery technology is the driving force will be the end of the trend. The next 3 - 5 years in the development of the existing fruit juice, tea drinks market, bottled drinking water, functional beverage, and carbonated beverages and other products at the same time, will be to low sugar or no sugar drinks, and pure natural health drink, containing milk. Products will further promote the development trend of the development of packaging, such as PET aseptic cold filling packing, HDPE ( There is blocking layer) Dairy packaging, as well as aseptic carton packaging, etc. The diversity of product development will eventually promote beverage packaging material and structure of innovation. Three is to strengthen technology research and development strength is the foundation of the beverage packaging industry sustainable development. At present, the domestic equipment supplier has made great progress in this field, and on the price and after-sales service has the very strong competitive power. Domestic beverage equipment manufacturers, such as new magnitude on the provide low, medium speed beverage packaging line highlighted its potential and advantage. The main performance in the whole line of very competitive price, good local technical support and after-sales service, relatively low maintenance and spare parts price, etc.
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